Christmas Updates from World-Wide Missionaries (December 2019)

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The Son of God was born, and in that moment hope and rejoicing came into the world. Let us celebrate the birth of our Savior, at Christmas and always.

Christmas is one of the most holy and anticipated times of the year for Christians all around the world. Similar preparations and traditions, decorations, celebrations, music, worship observances, the giving of gifts, and gathering of families and friends; all of these cherished rituals that mark this important event in the life of our faith are replicated by Christians everywhere.

But Advent is more than preparing for what comes next; it is knowing that no matter what the future holds, Christ is already there. That is Immanuel; God with us. Missionaries are empowered by that knowledge. Their faith allows them to move forward in strength; and to live hour by hour, day by day and step by step, ministering to the least, the last, the lost, and the lonely with the Good News of God’s grace, hope and love.

In this blessed season, remember missionaries everywhere that have followed God’s footsteps so far from home. Pray for them, that God will keep them safe, and grant them his guidance and peace.

With our prayers and benevolent offerings, PUMC currently helps to support five missionaries.  All of these missionaries write to us frequently. Their interesting and informative letters can be found by the Missions bulletin board (located in the Fellowship Hall corridor). We encourage you to read them, and be blessed.



Europe, Asia, and Oceania…

Joy has traveled tens of thousands of miles in her role as Compassionate Ministries Coordinator for World Gospel Missions. Joy mentors , supports, and encourages missionary families who are sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with unreached people  in nine

Joy Phillips

dangerous, politically complex countries where many are looking with horror at the extremism around them; and wondering how religion could ask them to murder and destroy. And they’re reaching out to missionaries for answers. When they hear that God does not call us to bloodshed but instead sent the Prince of Peace; the response is extraordinary. Fortunately, when she is home, technology allows Joy to connect with all of these missionaries frequently, and learn how God is working in their lives.

Joy is currently in the Midwest recruiting new missionaries.




Dasia & John Abramovich (4/8/14)

John and Dasia spend each summer organizing and teaching at Summer Bible Camps; which include English as Second Language Camps and Camps for children with disabilities and other challenges. Now they are concentrating on their ministry work which includes teaching in various Christian education programs, and after school Bible studies. They also visit nursing homes, and John sometimes preaches in local churches.

Please pray for John’s eyes. He can no longer read fine print, and he has difficulty seeing the computer screen. Pray that treatment by an ophthalmologist, and new glasses will improve his sight.





The Enright and Steury families have spent a lifetime in mission in Africa. Their faith and resolve are strong as they continue their work in Zambia. The Kafakumba Pastor’s School and Training Center has been a beacon of hope and transformation for more than 50 years. Year after year through wars and upheaval, Kafakumba continues to educate and prepare local pastors to share God’s Good News in villages throughout central Africa. This year ten new pastors were ordained. Additionally, they boost the local economy by introducing beekeeping , goats, chickens, sheep,and beef and dairy cattle to local farmers.

The Kafakumba Christian School educates 75 children from K-4th grades. Each year a new grade is added as the children progress.
The Acacia Retirement/Long Term Care Center is ready to accept its first residents.

A deposit for a truck for the well drilling ministry has been obtained. Continued support for these much needed resources of fresh, clean water is needed.  They are finalizing the paperwork on a medical clinic and surgical center that will serve 15,000 people in local villages who currently have no access to healthcare.




Rev. Mutwale and his wife Kabaka have spent many years working with the most vulnerable people of Tanzania; many of whom are refugees from other war torn countries in Africa. Although the United Methodist Church is still struggling for recognition in Tanzania where there are many different religions; they are making progress. The UMC in Dar Es Salaam is established, and has planted dozens of new UMC’s in surrounding villages; and trained local pastors and lay leaders. They are delighted and encouraged by their partnership with GNJUMC which is helping them build much needed buildings, and grow and expand their outreach programs.

Rev. Mutwale’s son Jean Marc is currently at Drew Theological School studying for the ministry. Financial support is needed for Jean Marc to continue at Drew University.



LaPalmilla, Veracruz, Mexico…

Our own Jen Andrade has been serving the village of LaPalmilla for 32 years since she joined a Mission Team from Virginia Beach UMC in 1987. Completely smitten, Jen and Jeremy returned to LaPalmilla each summer that they were able. In June 1993, Jen became the Asst. Coordinator of the VIM program in two Methodist Conferences. In 2006, Jen purchased property in LaPalmilla and built a home there.
Jen has been a tireless fundraiser and in the summer of 2011 she led the first of many Mission Teams to LaPalmilla to help build a new sanctuary of the Methodist Church there.

The new sanctuary was dedicated in 2017. Funds raised since then are going to improve a satellite church, specifically adding a bathroom.
In 2012 Jen started the Sponsored Children Project which helps children obtain needed supplies to continue their education. That year sponsors helped 52 children. Praise God, this year 499 children were helped by sponsors. Sponsors also donated funds to help with VBS. The church and its four mission churches touched the lives of 500 children in VBS this year.

Although Jen has worked as a missionary in LaPalmilla for 32 years, she is considered, and considers herself, a member of the church and the community. The Methodist Church in LaPalmilla considers PUMC their sister church and an answer to their prayers.



Wherever our missionaries serve, we are there with them through our prayers and our financial support. Please pray for their safety and success; that the Holy Spirit will move through them to transform lives and turn the world toward peace, love and justice.
Thank you from our missionaries and the communities that depend on their help and spiritual presence.

Your Missions Committee wishes you blessed holidays. May you have the gift of faith, the blessing of hope, and the peace of His love, at Christmas and always. SHALOM


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