Pitman Camp Meeting Schedules 2019 Summer Season (6/30 thru 9/1)

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The 2019 edition of the Pitman Camp Meeting is ready to begin!  The season will start on Sunday June 30 and run through September 1. The services will be held each Sunday evening in the Pitman Grove Auditorium at 7:30 PM.  Brochures listing the complete schedule are available in the Narthex (and this post also lists the schedule).  Throughout the summer, we’ll have a unique opportunity to hear inspiring sermons and music from area speakers and musicians.


The Hundred and Forty Ninth Camp Meeting!

The new brochure’s cover announces the Camp Meeting with words of history and purpose.  It’s the 149th year that a summer Camp Meeting has been scheduled in Pitman Grove.  It’s a tradition that continues, and presumably 148 similar brochures have been printed before this year’s edition.

By considering the bottom line through the top line, we are reminded why people have continued to build upon the 148 previous Camp Meetings:

“Time of Praise and Worship”
Why are we gathering on Sunday evenings?  It is a time- an opportunity- that God has given to us.  It’s a chance to take one more step closer to God along our life’s journey.

“Pitman Camp Meeting”
For those of us from Pitman, our roots grow into the Pitman Grove Camp Meeting.  For all of us, our faith has been nurtured by those who came before us. 

“One Hundred Forty-Ninth”
Not only are we part of history.  Not only are we the future shoulders upon which the next generation will stand, we are also links in God’s continual chain of faithfulness. 

The year at the top reminds us that God is giving us opportunities for TODAY.  Not only are we rich in history, we are rich in daily grace.




Each Sunday throughout the summer, a service is held in the William (Bud) Moore Auditorium located in the center of Pitman’s Grove area. They are lead by various pastors and music teams from area churches (primarily United Methodist) and by other musicians and dramatists.

  • When: Every Sunday throughout the summer
  • What Time: 7:30 PM
  • Where: Pitman Grove Auditorium (scroll down for directions)



Here’s the week by week schedule (all services start at 7:30 PM):
(“UMC” stands for “United Methodist Church“)….


Jim Hughes had originally been scheduled for July 14. However a throat issue forced him to cancel at the last minute. Larry Bakely spoke instead, and Jim was rescheduled for August 11 (Jim and Larry effectively swapped their originally scheduled positions). The schedule below shows this update.

Update: July 15, 2019


June 30

Rev. Steve Herman
(Pastor, Richwood UMC)

Host Church:
Richwood UMC



July 7

Rev. Jim Bolton
(Pastor, Pitman UMC)

Host Church:
Pitman UMC

Pitman UMC


July 14

Larry Bakely
(Lay Leader, Pitman UMC)

Host Church:
Pitman UMC

Pitman UMC

July 21

Rev. Sherry Zappola

Sherry Zappola

July 28

John Keith Davis

Panting Hart Music

Panting Hart Music


August 4

Rev. Bill Wilson

Host Church:
Chews UMC (Glendora)

“One Way Express”


August 11

Rev. Jim Hughes
Jim Hughes Ministries


Music & Drama:
Jim Hughes


August 18

Rev. Jeff Crispin
(Seek Him Ministries)

Joy Community Fellowship (Pitman)


August 25

Rev. Bret Walker, pastor
Hudson UMC (Pedricktown)
& Ebenezer UMC (Auburn)


Special Music


September 1

Al Zappola



“Special Music” is provided by Camp Meeting Pianists Jane Valas, Susan Crispin, or Mildered Herman.

Or… you never know who might bless us with their musical gifts!



Join us in worship and praise on Sunday evenings this summer! The services are held in the Pitman Grove Auditorium.

The Auditorium, also known as the “William Bud Moore Auditorium” is located in the historic center of Pitman.

For a Map of the area, Click Here.

Parking is available on Broadway or on East Ave.

First Ave. is actually a sidewalk which forms one of the 12 “spokes” around the Pitman Grove area. The Auditorium is at the center of the spokes.




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For more info about the Camp Meeting, click this button: Camp Meeting



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