PUMC Celebrates the Ministry of Pastor Larry and Pastor Kee (6/8/14)

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Effective July 1, our Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Larry Potts will be appointed to the Franklinville United Methodist Church and our Associate Pastor, Rev. Kee-Young Yang will become  the senior pastor of the St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Bayhead, NJ.  Rev. Dr. Jim Bolton will become our new senior pastor.
Click Here to see the announcement about the changes in appointments.


On the evening of Sunday June 8, we threw a party to celebrate the ministries of our pastors.  Of course, a "party" in United Methodist terms always involves food, and the covered dish offerings were awesome and abundant!  But it was also a time to look back and  to be grateful for the leadership and service God has provided our church through these two men and their families.


Rev. Dr. Larry Potts began his appointment to PUMC as our senior pastor on July 1, 2008.  Following Rev. Dr. Lanie Price, he became the 2nd pastor since the construction of our new building. 

Rev. Kee Young Yang became our associate pastor in July of 2011.  Pastor Kee moved to the USA 15 years ago, and was ordained as an elder last year.

Covered Dish Dinner!

The evening began with a covered dish dinner.  The Fellowship Hall was packed and there was a TON of food.

  • "Hey- these plates are too small!"
  • The huge turnout required most of our tables, chairs, and Fellowship Hall floor space.
  • Carol Potts celebrated her birthday as the SPRC presented a birthday cake.
  • The quick clean up afterwards proved the adage "many hands make quick work."

Music, Drama, and Praise!

After the big dinner, our praise team livened things up with some praise and worship music.  Then BLAST mixed in some comedy (and drama) with their skit about Adam and Eve.  The choir then sang an arrangement of "Blessed Assurance" (Pastor Kee's favorite hymn) and wrapped up with a medley from "Les Miserables" (Pastor Larry's favorite musical).

  • The Praise Team gets things started.
  • Lee Whitaker sings some of his compositions.
  • BLAST takes us back to the Garden of Eden.
  • Adam.
  • Eve takes the apple.
  • The serpent slithers.
  • Pastor Kee and Grace enjoy the youth.
  • Pastor Larry and Carol have a "BLAST"
  • The choir sings "Blessed Assurance" and a medley from "Les Miz."
  • Karlie Crispin takes a solo.

Presentations and Memories...

After the music and skit, Staff-Parrish chair Thurman Eckfeld presented Pastor Larry and Pastor Kee with gifts.  The floor was then opened up for comments where people expressed their memories and thanks for Pastor Kee and Pastor Larry.

  • Staff-Parrish chair Thurman Eckfeld presents Pastor Larry with gifts.
  • The church made a donation to Wings of the Morning in Pastor Larry's name.
  • Pastor Kee addresses the crowd.
  • Intern pastor Kim Dybeck thanks Pastor Larry for his guidance.
  • The Pastors' table.
  • Steve Roth shares his appreciation.
  • Paul Bensil injects some levity.

In the Methodist church, pastors are appointed for a year at a time.  Sometimes it might be tempting to feel that "pastors come and go," but the fact is that each pastor leaves an indelible mark on each of us.  In some way, each pastor helps us to grow spiritually and leaves us with unique memories  and touchstones.

Even as we look forward to the leadership of Rev. Bolton, we will always be thankful for the impact left on us by Pastor Kee and Pastor Larry. It goes so much deeper than memories of good times.  Our prayers are with all three of these families; that God will continue to use them to share His word and grace through the love of these special servants.

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