Appalachia is Coming to PUMC to Exhibit Crafts (10/20 – 10/21, 2018)

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Beverly is a town located in the southeastern corner of Kentucky.  It’s not far from the Virginia border, but its citizens are far from the affluence and creature comforts that so many of us strive for (or take for granted).  Beverly is home to the Red Bird Mission (which operates a School, Clinic, and other impactful institutions).  This organization in the Red Bird Missionary Conference of the United Methodist Church have been providing ministries in this region of the Appalachian Mountains for almost 100 years.

Red Bird Mission is also home to a lot of talented artists who make useful items out of yarn, coal, and wood.  One way that Red Bird Mission helps the community is to pack their wares into their van and travel across the Eastern USA to display (and sell) their items.  One of the places that Red Bird has visited is our church.

And, they’re coming again soon! 

On Saturday, October 20 (from 9:00 AM until 2:00 PM) and Sunday, October 21 (from 10:15 AM until 1:00 PM), Red Bird Mission will bring locally-made crafts to Pitman. Their crafters are gifted artisans in woodworking, weaving, basket-making, toy making and corn shuck flower making to name a few.

Here’s a glimpse of what they brought the last time they were in Pitman (in October of 2016):

To see more items, check out Red Bird’s website:   Crafts  


Red Bird Mission Craft Fair

  • Dates:  Saturday, October 20 &  Sunday, October 21
  • Times:  9:00AM-2:00PM (Saturday), 10:15AM-1:00 PM, Sunday)
  • Location:  PUMC Fellowship Hall


Red Bird Missionary Conference

The United Methodist Church is actively helping people in this region.  In fact, the “Annual Conference” in that area is one of three “Missionary Conferences” in the United States (the other two are in Oklahoma and Alaska). 

What’s an “Annual Conference???”… What’s a “Missionary Conference”???

You don’t have to hang out long in the United Methodist Church before hearing the term “Annual Conference.”  It’s the way we organize this global church known as “The United Methodist Church.”  Pitman United Methodist Church is part of the Greater New Jersey Annual Conference.  We pull resources from the Conference to help people in NJ and around the world. 

But in a Missionary Conference, such as Red Bird Missionary Conference, the financial resources are so limited that the people in that Conference need help from the rest of the United Methodist Church.

In addition to the local churches in the Conference, two Mission Institutions are supporting the people and sharing Christ’s love with the people in the Red Bird Missionary Conference:

  1. The Henderson Settlement
  2. Red Bird Mission (the Red Bird School and Red Bird Clinic)

To learn more about the Red Bird Conference, check out this video:   Red Bird Welcome    



Poverty and Blessings

Whether you wear the shoes of poverty or the shoes of prosperity, there is always the opportunity to count your blessings. Red Bird Mission has been providing ministries in the Kentucky region of the Appalachian Mountains since 1921. Pitman United Methodist Church plans to

help Red Bird Mission share some blessings with the residents of this isolated, rural distressed area by sponsoring their craft fair.

 Your purchases will help offset the chronic poverty, lack of jobs, poor housing, and rugged mountainous terrain which provide obstacles to a fuller life for the residents of this area. And,although not as important, your purchases can be used to start your Christmas Shopping and bless your friends and family on Christmas morning!



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Red Bird Mission has visited Pitman twice before (in 2014, and in 2016).  In 2016, we bought a lot of cool stuff at the fair.   In 2014 we set a goal of raising $2000 to help their ministries.  But when the campaign was over, we had raised over $4000.  To learn more about Red Bird Mission, check out the below post which was about that campaign in 2014…

PUMC Gives Wings for Redbird (4/20/14)

For  more info about our ministry with Redbird, click this button:   Redbird   



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