Azaleas Planted in Memory of Ed Blackman (5/12/14)

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For over 50 years,our church was graced with the presence and guidance of Ed Blackman.  We all felt a deep sense of loss when he recently passed away.

As we pray for Marge and her family, we will be continually grateful for their presence in our lives.

The Blackmans donated some azaleas which were on display during our services on May 11.  They were recently planted on our lawn, just outside of the sanctuary doors on the Lambs Road side.  

These plants will remind us of the grace and love that God blessed us with when he made Ed such a huge part of our church family so many years ago.

Surely we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses…


Ed and Marge Blackman

Ed and Marge Blackman

Azalea Garden in memory of Ed Blackman (near north Sanctuary door)

Azalea Garden planted in memory of Ed Blackman (located near north Sanctuary door)







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