New Life for the South Seaville United Methodist Church

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One June 10, 2011, fire destroyed the South Seaville United Methodist church’s building.  But after a period of transition, their new building is nearing completion.  At PUMC we can identify with this story; our building burned down in 2003, and we moved into our current building in 2007.

But as our  pastor said during the night of the fire, “Our building may be burning down, but my church is standing behind me.”  (or words to that effect…)  A church is not a building; it is the people of the church.  It is the people who build a community of faith.  Just as contractors can re-create a burned out building, so can God recreate a broken life.




S. Seaville Church Entrance: Closed… now Opened



S. Seaville Church Lamp post: Broken… now Restored


S. Seaville Church Signboard: Despair… now Hope


To learn more about the South Seaville United Methodist Church, Click Here.

To learn more about restored lives, Click Here.


On Sunday September 7, 2014 (five months after the above pictures were taken), South Seaville UMC opened its new building and celebrated their first service of worship in it.  Click Here to see more.



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