Urban Promise Shares Trek with PUMC (4/27/14)

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Experiencing God’s Creation beyond the Asphalt Jungle…

Urban Promise's Jim Cummings & Jeff VanderKuip (4/27/14)

Urban Promise’s Jim Cummings & Jeff VanderKuip (4/27/14)

On Sunday April 27, Jim Cummings and Jeff VanderKuip visited PUMC to give us an update on how God is working through them to minister to the needs of the youth in inner city Camden. 

Jim is the director of Experiential Learning at Urban Promise, and Jeff leads the Urban BoatWorks program where kids learn how to build wooden boats (and to have the courage to put them on the river and to ride in the boats they built!).

Back in January, Bruce Main (the director of Urban Promise) visited PUMC.  For more information, Click Here.


Jim shared a story that motivated him to so something for the youth of Camden.  As he was speaking with a teen from Camden, the young man related how his mother always told him three things whenever he left the house:

  1. Son, I love you.
  2. Son, behave.
  3. Son, Don’t get shot!!!

A life constantly bombarded by the reality and fear of  gun violence constantly needs to experience God’s love in new and exciting ways.    To do this, Urban Promise operates a ministry called Urban Trekker.  Taking kids out of the city to get a glimpse of God’s creation in a fresh way can be a eye opener.  Through the Urban Trekker program, Urban Promise has been able to give kids their first camping experience in places like Assateague Island, Md. Destinations also include Colorado, Maine, Utah.  Engaging the world around us give us a connection with the possibilities beyond our everyday lives.  Through these “Treks,” youth learn more about themselves are are able to develop their potential as leaders.


Urban Boatworks…

Urban Promise's Jeff VanderKuip with a Kayak built by Urban Promise students.

Urban Promise’s Jeff VanderKuip with a Kayak built by Urban Promise students.

The congregation on Sunday was greeted by an unusual sight in the church Narthex- a Kayak!  This wooden vessel was built by the youth of Urban Promise.  It’s typical of the Kayaks that they learn to build and then ride on the Delaware River.  Imagine the satisfaction (and fear?) of stepping into a boat which you build from scratch and paddling it out into the river! 

This is yet another way in which Urban Promise is building up the potential of our youth in Camden. 

This particular Kayak is being raffled off in an effort to provide funding for the program. 


Pedal for Promise…

Being able to provide all of these experiences does cost money.  On  Saturday May 3, Urban Promise will hold a fundraising event called “Pedal for Promise.”  It’s a sponsored bike ride through Burlington County with the goal of raising $175,000.  Bikers can select from routes of 15, 30, or (gulp) 60 miles.  This bike ride is one way that allows Urban Promise to fulfill their mission to quip Camden children and young adults with the skills necessary for academic achievement, life management, and spiritual growth.

For more information on how to support this event, Click Here.  Beyond any financial (or pedal power support), keep Urban Promise and the Pedal for Promise event in your prayers.

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For more information about our church’s support of Urban Promise, Click Here.



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