Pastor’s Ponderings: Up Above the World so Bright

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Pastor Jim submitted the following thoughts for the June issue of Steeple Notes…


Greetings Friends:

There is an old story about a young boy who had a great interest in playing the piano….

The boy’s mother had arranged for him to receive lessons.  As an incentive and wanting to encourage him, the mother bought tickets for her son to see a performance by Ignace Paderewski.  Paderewski was an accomplished Polish pianist, composer, and statesman, who later became Prime Minister of Poland in 1919.

When the night of the concert finally arrived, the mother and her son found their seats near the front of the concert hall.  The boy was awestruck and sat in wide–eyed wonder staring at the grand piano as it sat on the stage.  The mother began talking to a friend who was sitting nearby and she failed to notice that her son arose from his seat and walked away.  As the house lights began to dim and the spotlight hit the piano, the mother gasped as she saw her son seated at the piano bench!  Her gasps quickly turned to fear as her son began playing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star!”Sistine Chap-God-Adam

Before the mother could go to the stage to retrieve her son, the famous concert pianist appeared on the stage and quickly walked over to the piano where the boy was still playing.  Paderewski whispered in the boys ear, “Don’t quit…keep playing.”  Paderewski then reached down with his left hand and began filling in the bass part.  Then with his right hand, reached around the boy encircling him, to add a running obligato.  Together, the older master and the young novice mesmerized the crowd!     


That true story reminds us that God continues whispering in our ears, “Don’t quit…keep on playing.”  Even when it seems life is bringing us flat or sour notes, God is coming alongside to assist us in making His music.  God will add to our best efforts and the result will be amazing.  With God reaching around and encircling us, together, beautiful music can be made!


Here’s a video of Paderewski “in action” during a concert in 1937…


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