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As we continue to deal with this ongoing pandemic, we’ve all become used to change.  Currently, we are holding our worship service both In Person (in the sanctuary) AND via our Live Stream feed.  Our Sunday School classes are also meeting in the church building. 

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What are  we up to?

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Pastor’s Ponderings: Finding Clarity during Foggy Moments (8/9/22)

Pastor’s Ponderings: Empowered to Forgive (8/6/22)

Missouri Dogs Go Into Pawstoral Care! (5/25/22)

Hot Dog- No Strings Attached! (7/18/22)

Methodists Help Washed Up Laundromat Customers (7/26/22)

United Methodists to Provide Relief after Attack in Ethiopia (7/31/22)

United Methodists Continue to Stand with Ukraine (July 2022)

Pastor’s Ponderings: Who Are We Thankful For? (7/9/22)

United Methodists Take Stand Against Gun Violence (July 2022)

United Methodists Help Immigrants (June 2022)

Lessons from the Life of Joseph (Summer 2022)

PUMC Organizes Bus Trip to See David at Sight and Sound (10/19/22)

ShopRite Gift Cards Help Break the Cycle of Poverty!


Who Are We?

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Why are We Here?

A group of PUMC’ers put together the below video to show the purpose of our church and to illustrate what we’re doing to fulfill that purpose.  As indicated by the organization of this website’s menu bar, PUMC exists to share in a journey where we Know, Grow, and Go.  To Know about Christ and the fundamentals of our relationship with God.  To Grow in relationship with God.  To Go beyond our doors to share the fruits of that relationship with all of God’s people.