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In addition to this website, our church’s “Digital Footprint” uses social media to help spread the word. Our Twitter and Facebook pages are available from the website by clicking on the icons next to the menu on the top of the site. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed using the icon in the same location.

Here are the Social Media “channels” for Pitman UMC. Note that other ministries within the church have their own dedicated channels. The following are the “official” ones that have been established for the church:

Facebook   FB Page        FB Group  
Twitter   Twitter   
You Tube  You Tube 
Instagram Instagram  


Facebook Feeds….

Yes, we’re are active on various social media platforms, but Facebook is the most active one. And since we have a cool plug-in that let’s us view Facebook pages from within our website, we’ve picked out the most interesting ones and collected them here so anyone can view them.

I don’t have a Facebook account, and I don’t want one!!!

If that describes your sentiment, you’ve come to the right place! The page you’re looking at lets you view Facebook posts without having to have a Facebook account or having to jump around within Facebook to find pages of interest.


Facebook “Groups” vs. Facebook “Pages”

Facebook supports several different types of areas where information can be posted. Two of them are known as “Groups” and “Pages.” A “Group” is meant for communication between members of the organization; most of the people in the Group know each other personally. This is the place where you might post something like, “Can anyone give me a ride to tonight’s Camp Meeting service?

Pages are more like a traditional website page. They’re meant to contain information of interest to the “outside world”, and (usually) anyone can view the page.

Facebook has a way of changing the rules, but as of this writing here’s a summary of the differences in the way these areas work (assuming the Group or Page is “public”, which both of ours are)…

Who can view posts? Anyone with a Facebook account. Anyone
Who can write posts? Anyone who is a member of the group Only the Page’s manager

Our church and the Methodist Church beyond us is very active on Facebook. Shown below are several Facebook feeds of interest. Whether you have a Facebook account or not, you can click on the down arrow to open the box, and then use the scroll controls to browse the posts.

If you’re logged into Facebook and want to view the page from within the Facebook environment, just click on the title that’s above the feed.


Local (Pitman UMC)…

“Official” PUMC Facebook Page…

PUMC Facebook Page

PUMC Facebook Group (because we’re the owner of the group, Facebook currently allows us to display the text of each post- but it won’t show any pictures or replies)…

PUMC Facebook Group

Facebook Posts

Unable to display Facebook posts.
Show error

Due to recent changes in the Facebook API it is unfortunately no longer possible to display posts from Facebook Groups. Please see this page for more information.


Other ministry groups in our church have also established a presence on Facebook. Click on the box to view these ministry’s pages…

BLAST Youth Group

Pitman Camp Meeting


Greater New Jersey…

Greater NJ Annual Conference

UM Communites at Pitman


Global United Methodist Church…

The United Methodist Church

United Methodist Men

United Methodist Women


We’re not alone!  Pitman United Methodist Church and even the United Methodist Church are only one part of Christ’s universal church.  Our neighborhood is home to many Christian brothers & sisters who are striving to build a community of faith, and love within their own church.

We have a lot in common with them, and there’s a lot we can learn from “other” churches. 

The post below contains Facebook feeds to several other local United Methodist Churches and also to some of the other churches in Pitman.

A Tour Around “Other” Churches



The primary way to obtain updated information about events is the website. The website organizes information in a way which can be easily referenced.

However, Social Media give you a window on the heartbeat of the church. Explore our Facebook pages and groups to learn more about the people of PUMC and to catch the latest information as it happens.

And… Click that “Share Button”! Re-tweet! Spread the word about PUMC and about the great things that God is doing.



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