Steve & Gail Quigg

Steve and Gail Quigg: Mission Safety International

Steve & Gail Quigg & family

Steve & Gail Quigg & family

Steve is the son of a United Methodist minister and grew up in Elmer and Ocean Grove, N.J. Steve and Gail and their daughters Heather and Kathy followed God’s footsteps as missionaries in Nigeria and Congo.

Steve is a pilot, who many years ago saw the need for the education and safety training of missionary pilots, so he and Gail began working with Mission Safety International and Mission Aviation Fellowship. These are worldwide Christian organizations established to serve missionary pilots and their families with air transport, information technology, and logistic services, in more than thirty countries. Their goal is to safely and effectively take the Good News of Jesus Christ to even the most remote areas of the world.

While their home is in Pequa, Pa, the Quiggs travel the world giving missionary pilots the knowledge and tools they need to fly safely Steve is part of a team that conducts safety seminars and inspections. He also counsels and consults with missionary pilots to provide prospective, advice and feedback.. Gail spends quality time with the spouses,providing a listening and sympathetic ear, some relaxing time of fellowship, and prospective from someone who has “been there, done that” Often the spouses provide the best barometer of how things are really going in the organization. Each trip surprises the Quiggs with new blessings and challenges.

While last year’s trips took the Quiggs to the far corners of the world,this year except for one trip to Congo, they have stayed much closer to home, regrouping, reconnecting, and reorganizing.  One of the Quiggs great joys these past few years has been watching the pledges grow for a new airplane desperately needed by “Wings of the Morning” in North Katanga. The budget for the new plane is $1.6 million. Steve reports that United Methodists have already pledged $1 million.

Steve and Gail are faithful correspondents, who regularly keep us informed of their work They write, “We are privileged to be your representatives to the mission aviation world Keep on praying, keep on giving, and we’ll keep on doing our best to keep them flying for the Lord.”

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