Duane & Alice Walters

Duane & Alice Walters: Campus Crusade for Christ

Note- Duane is the brother-in-law of our office manager Nancy Walters.  We are thrilled to have the privileged of knowing Duane & Alice and to have the opportunity of supporting their work with Campus Crusade for Christ.  Duane is now based in Orlando Fla.


Duane & Alice Walters and family

Duane & Alice Walters and family

We joined staff as singles, in 1979 and 1976, respectively, and both took international assignments with Campus Crusade for Christ—Duane, in Eastern Europe and Alice, Western Europe in the mid-1980’s. Our paths crossed in 1992, when Duane, evacuated from his assignment due to the Gulf War, was reassigned to the New Life Eastern Europe office, temporarily headquartered in southern Germany, quite near to where Alice had served for eight years.  We married in December of 1993, Although we’ve lived in two other countries in-between, our present assignment is back in Germany, at the European Center of Agape Europe (Campus Crusade for Christ in Western Europe), located in Kandern, Germany.

Duane co-leads the financial administration team, which includes overseeing receiving and disbursing inter-country funds, mentoring and training staff in the use of our ministry’s accounting software, and assisting in budgeting for the national ministries.  He also serves as the facilities manager for the local office in Kandern.  Alice has been assisting the Agape Europe Human Resources Director one day a week, as well as handling all the applications for new residence permits and renewals needed by any of our non-European staff living in the area.  Since she is fluent in German and also enjoys meeting practical needs, this is a good fit for her.

Duane and Alice have three children, Elianna (14 ), Nathan (12 ), and Daniel (11) who attend Black Forest Academy (BFA) in Kandern, a school for missionary children where the language of instruction is English, although the children learn German as part of their curriculum.

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