Pray Without Ceasing…


Prayer Chapel

Prayer Chapel

Prayer connects us with our Lord Jesus, and through prayer He provides direction, healing, comfort, and commitment.  We pray for our church, its leaders and people, for our friends and family, and even for ourselves.  As we turn to God, quieting ourselves in prayer, we find that He always speaks to us using that “still small voice.”  Prayer is the lifeblood that keeps us in tune with God.

Prayer can happen at any time  or any place.  But during the week,  outside of the mountaintop of worship, we take advantages of special opportunities to pray and to be prayed for.

 Prayer Chains

The phone prayer chain has been a vital part of our fabric for many years.  When personal crisis arrive, people indicate that they are in need of prayer, and our web of prayer warriors spring into action.  To augment this, we have established a web of prayer warriors using email. When a prayer request is received; whether it is from the website, via email or the phone prayer chain, our e-prayer coordinator will send an email message indicating the name of the person needing prayer.  God knows the specifics of the needs of the person we are asked to pray for, but it is up to us to lift them to His throne of grace.

IF you or a loved one are in need of prayer, you can request prayer by contacting the church office, contacting Mary Lou Hagerty, emailing or by using the prayer request form on the website. Once received, the name will be lifted up in prayer.DO NOT include details – God already knows why prayer is needed. You will be prayed for in confidence.

If you would like to become a prayer warrior, just send an email, with your name, to and you will be added to the list.  The phone prayer chain could also use your help so if you do not do email, but would still like to be one of our prayer warriors, see or contact Mary Lou Hagerty.

Wednesday Prayer Group

Every Wednesday morning at 6:30 AM a group of early risers gathers in the Chapel to meet with God  in prayer.  The Chapel and its Stained Glass Windows provides a special  atmosphere that invites you into communion with God.  Sometimes, that communion takes on a more literal form when the pastor joins the group and serves the Lord’s Supper.  It may be early in the morning, but joining with some brothers and sisters in Christ to spend  some quiet moments with our Lord in prayer is a great way to start  the day.

 Pray at Any Time!

But you don’t have wait for a specific time or to join a group in order to make prayer a vital life habit.  You can pray in any place, but still there’s something special about spending some quiet time within the hallowed space of our sanctuary of prayer chapel.  Many people use the chapel throughout the week.  Some on a regular basis, others on an “as needed” basis.  Some are also arriving at worship early to spend some special time in the sanctuary or chapel before the service.

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