Our building is located at what’s been called the “Gateway to Pitman”; we’re right on the edge of town, and much of the traffic entering Pitman passes our building.   Across the street is our favorite Heritages Dairy Store, and down the street is the Bright Beginnings preschool and

Total Turf…..  We’re surrounded by homes on streets like Broadway, Spruce, Elm, and Albert.  We’re part of the Pitman community.  And like any welcoming neighborhood, we like to “open our front door” and spend some time with our neighbors. 

We don’t have an official “Let’s Spend Time with Our Neighbors” committee, but many at PUMC have created “ministries” which do just that.  Our Sunday Worship Services and other ministries are always open to anyone, but sometimes we still just want to open up and just be part of our neighborhood. 

Our “Neighborhood Block Parties” are open to anyone (regardless of where you live!).  Here are some of the events that we offer…


Easter Egg Hunt

This is one of the highlights of the year.  Sometime near Easter (March or April or wherever it falls), we open our building and grounds to kids of all ages for an Easter Egg Hunt.   In addition to the eggs scattered over our lawn, we usually offer food and entertainment.

Here’s an article about one of our Egg Hunts…


Trunk or Treat

When October rolls around, we open up our parking lot to a display of cars and vans with trunks decorated with lights, candy, and any other crazy thing the participants dream up.  We also open up our Fellowship Hall for some games and food.    

Here’s a glimpse of a recent Trunk or Treat…



Movie & Pizza Nights

Who doesn’t like pizza?!?  On Saturday evenings we get together to watch a movie and enjoy some FREE pizza.  When the weather permits, we’ll set up a big screen on our lawn and throw an outdoor Pizza and Movie Party.  When the weather doesn’t cooperate, we’ll move into our Fellowship Hall.

Here’s some more info…


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You never know what else someone might come up with.  Keep in touch and come on out to our next “Neighborhood” event!


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