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Our Purpose Statement

  • That every person know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
  • That we create a climate where spiritual growth occurs,
  • so that God’s will to save the lost is accomplished.
  • Glory To God!!!




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“Godprints” are those moments of inspiration where we see God.  We can be inspired by His Word, or by His Creation, or worship, or sermons.  In the Blog categories below, we have tried to capture these moments. 

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We “do things” to fulfill our mission of “creating climates where Spiritual growth can occur.”

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Ministry & Mission

Since God loves us so much, we can’t help but love Him back.  Jesus has taught us that the way to love Him is to love those He loves.  We are called to “do justice” and love those in need, realizing that “Love” is an Action Verb.