One of the things we try to do at our church is to build friendships, so we can develop faith-growing relationships.  One of the ways we do that is by “playing” together; just having some fun! 

Our church has fielded a team in church softball leagues for years.  And, the tradition continues this summer.

Men and women- teenager and above- are welcome to join our team.  We don’t play for victory.  We join with other Christians to forge relationships that can be used to strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ.

If you’re interested in playing on our team, contact Ron Brown.  You can email him at:




2018 Season

The team will practice every Saturday evening at 5PM at Alcyon Lake Park.  The practices begin on Saturday March 24 and will conclude on Saturday April 28.

If you’re interested in coming out and watching and watching the games, Please- come on out and enjoy the fun!  The schedule and directions to the fields are listed below.


Field Locations

We play on several different fields; all are located near our church.  The schedule uses the two letter abbreviations to indicate the field.

A#    Formerly known as “Bethel Mill Park,” the James G. Atkinson county park is located on the “corner” of Lambs Road and Delsea Drive. This park has several softball fields (along with walking paths, picnic areas, and basketball courts). The number after the “A” indicates the field number.  Visit the county parks website for more information and directions.

LR    This is the Lambs Road Assembly church on… Lambs Road (near Bethel Mill Lake).    Visit the church’s website for more info.

FF   Fellowship Bible Church on Jackson & Breakneck Roads

GCCC   Gloucester County Community Church on Chapel Heights Road


2018 Schedule…

We play our regular season games this year during April and May.  IF we make it to the playoffs, we’ll also be on the field in  June.  Makeup dates are built into the schedule and things could change as the season progresses.
Makeups and revised dates/times are shown in red:


Mon 4/16 6:30 A2
Fri 4/20 9:30 A2
Mon 4/23 6:30 GCCC
Fri 4/27 6:30 A2
Mon 4/30 6:30 A2



Fri 5/4 8:00 A2
Mon 5/7 6:30 GCCC
Fri 5/11 8:00 A2
Mon 5/14 8:00 A2
Tues 5/15 6:30 GCCC
Thur 5/24 6:30 GCCC


June… If we make the Playoffs (or need to make games up)!

 Fri 6/1 9:30 A2
 Mon 6/4 6:30 GCCC
 Fri 6/8 6:30 A2



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For updates on what our softball team is doing, click the following News button:


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