Young Adults Group

 Do you feel uncomfortable in church?  Is church your “your thing” or does it just bring back bad memories of when your parents forced you to go with them on Sundays?  Or, maybe you attend church regularly and you want the fellowship of others your age?

Whether you’re a “Church Person” or not, our Young Adults Group may be just the thing to help you sort through the business of your current circumstances and to get in touch with the life of faith that brings true happiness and purpose.  And beyond all that… it’s a great chance to have fun and make some new friends!



Young Adults Group

Young Adults Group

The Young Adult group at our church is a weekly class for young adults aged 18 and up.

Lee Whitaker and Alan Wentzel lead weekly discussions that strengthen the faith of believers and challenge skeptics.  We seek to demonstrate the life changing veracity of the Bible. 

Our group is aimed at those who may not attend church regularly, or don’t feel completely comfortable in a church setting, but ALL are welcome.  We meet in the Fellowship Hall Wednesday nights at 6:30.   Each meeting has a time of sharing, a Bible lesson, and prayer as well as refreshments usually followed by a spirited game of basketball.

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