Pray Daily for Our Missionaries

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Pray for Our Missionaries!

How often have you greeted a missionary who spoke at our church on a Sunday and promised to “keep them in our prayers” when they return to the mission field?  For those of us who have never been a “Missionary” in the traditional sense,  it’s difficult to imagine their needs.  It’s hard to know what to pray for.

Dasia & John Abramovich (4/8/14)

Dasia & John Abramovich (4/8/14)

Our missions offerings are sent directly to the missionaries that PUMC helps to support. And a portion of UMC Shared Ministries is used to support UMC sponsored missionaries all over the world.  Maybe you can’t teach the Bible to kids in  Poland, but you can support people like the Abromovichs who are doing  just that.  We may not be in “the mission field” ourselves, but we are partnering  with people who are.  We need them  and  they need us.

Beyond funding,  they really do need our prayers!  So when you say that you’ll “keep them in your prayers,” consider praying for them each day.  Here are some suggestions to help guide your daily prayers…



Missionaries, like all Christians, need to remain connected to Christ.  Pray for…

  • Productive time in the Word, and in prayer
  • Increased faith during crises
  • Increased understanding of God’s will.

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Missionaries, like people in any work environment, need productive relationships with co-workers.  Pray for…

  • Open lines of communication
  • Christ-like conflict resolution
  • Wise decision making.


Missionaries are “real people” who have left families behind in the States or who are raising children in a forgien country.  Pray for…

  • Contact with extended family
  • Quality time with immediate family.

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Missionaries don’t work alone; they are part of a larger organization or church.  Pray for…

  • Productive involvement with leaders and members
  • Unity in purpose and direction
  • Increased spiritual maturity.




Missionaries are serving in a foreign land and are confronted with many needs.  Pray for…

  • Heightened cultural understanding
  • Fruitful relationships
  • Servant attitude.




Working as a missionary is difficult.  Pray for….

  • Encouragement from fellow believers
  • Fellowship with team members and family
  • Sense of humor and contentment in all situations.

GREAT- Love Somebody


Missionaries, like anyone else, need to take care of themselves.  Pray for…

  • Daily health and safety
  • Proper nutrition, exercise, and rest
  • Financial and prayer support.

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To learn more about the missions and missionaries we support, click this button:  Beyond Our Walls





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