It’s All About Jesus!

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On December 26 the signboard said:



‘Twas the Day after Christmas,

And all through the house.

All the creatures were stirring,

scampering like a mouse…

There’s stuff under the tree, wrapping paper laying around, cookie crumbs on the dining room table.  All sorts of new “Things” to play with, new clothes to wear, fresh things to look at.  And there are a lot of new items added to the “To Do List”… gifts to be returned, clothes to be hung, stuff to be put away.

It seems that the hustle and bustle of Christmas doesn’t end on December 26.  It just changes into a different list of things to hustle and bustle about.


What Are You Looking At?

We know the Christmas story- Mary, Joseph, the Innkeeper, shepherds, angels.  It’s all too familiar.

In our chapel is a stained glass window of The good Shepherd.  Jesus is holding a little lamb, and a larger sheep ChapelWin- Good Shepherd _DCP_7051(presumably its mother) is standing by Jesus, looking up.

But the lamb isn’t looking at its mother.  It’s looking up,  not down.  The lamb is looking straight into Jesus’ eyes.  The lamb is focused on The Lamb who picked her up.  The lamb is not worried about the world.  The lamb isn’t thinking about Christmas gifts; things she received or didn’t receive.

The lamb isn’t even thinking of her mother.  She’s resting in the strong and  loving arms of the Good Shepherd.  The lamb is focused on The Lamb.

But what about the larger sheep?  What about the mother (or father, or husband)… what is the larger sheep looking at.  It is looking upward, but where are its eyes pointing?  It’s not clear in the image.  Is it looking at Jesus or is it looking at the lamb?

The lamb is a gift from the Lamb.  Jesus is the Creator; He sustains us in all we do.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  He was with God in the beginning. 

Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.  In him was life, and that life was the light of men.   ( John 1:1-4)


What’s it all Mean?

God created us to be in union with His Son- Jesus.  And He also gave us freedom of choice.  We can choose to be in “union with ourselves”… to focus on gifts, on the things we have to do, on the things we would rather have or do.  Or Signboard 2015-12-26 All About Jesus _IMG_2888we can let The Good Shepherd pick us up.  We can look into His Eyes (the Bible, prayer, worship) and totally and honestly seek His will.  This is His world, not ours.

And so, on this day after Christmas (or birthday, or 4th of July, or anniversary, or on whatever day or event you’re reading this…) what’s your focus right now?  What’s your priority?  Are you searching into the eyes of Jesus, grasping for His guiding Hand, thirsty to do His will?

Or are you looking at the gift; the things you want God to give you?  Are you focused on your own ideas or desires, or are you committed to Jesus and to God’s love and grace?

We need to always remind ourselves:

It’s All About Jesus!


The Supremacy of Christ

A  couple of months ago, Pastor Jim preached a three part sermon series on the “Supremacy of Christ.”  The central theme of his sermon was “It’s All About Jesus.”  He created us.  He sustains us.  We owe our all to Him.  To explore this topic more deeply, check out the posts on this sermon series.



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