Women to Make the Super Bowl Something to Look Forward To! (2/7/16)

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February 7, 2016 will probably be a pretty normal day for Philadelphia Eagles fans.  On that Sunday, the NFL’s two best teams will play for the championship Lombardi trophy.  But, it’s extremely unlikely that the Eagles will be one of those teams!

But that doesn’t mean that “Superbowl Sunday” can’t be a super day for us.

The Mary circle (of our United Methodist Women’s fellowship) is inviting everyone to leave the Superbowl cooking to us:  We will provide you a Super Bowl of Soup!  We are offering a choice of two soups:  Chicken Noodle or Vegetable Beef.  Either one promises to be hotter than the Eagles.  And, the proceeds from this sale will go towards our Shared Ministries.  Super Sunday Pastor Jim Trophy _20150201_103320

Here are the details:

  • Cost is $8.00 per quart
  • Orders must be placed by Sunday January 31 (see form below)
  • Pick up your soup after each service on Sunday February 7.
  • Make checks out to “PUMW”.
  • Take your hot soup home, turn on the game, then leave the TV and enjoy your soup instead of watching the Eagle-less game.

The order forms are in Steeple Notes and in the bulletin, but here’s a “reasonable facsimile”…



 Name:     __________________________________________________________


 Phone #:  __________________________________



 _____________           quarts of Chicken Noodle ($8 per quart)

 _____________           quarts of Vegetable Beef ($8 per quart)

 _____________           Total Quarts of Soup

 $_______________      Total $ Enclosed (Total quarts x $8.00)


+     +     +     +     +     +     +     +     +    +     +

For more information about our United Methodist Women’s Fellowship:   UMW






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