World Day of Prayer (3/7/14)

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Our church hosted the annual World Day of Prayer observance on Friday March 7.  This is an ecumenical event that is supported by many of the churches in Pitman; about 50 people attended this afternoon  service.


Streams in the Desert (World Day of Prayer, 3/7/14)

Streams in the Desert (World Day of Prayer, 3/7/14)

The program theme was entitled “Streams in the Desert,” and it revolved around the encounter of Jesus and the Samaritan women at the well (as related in John 4:1-42).  The World Day of Prayer website gives more information about this year’s theme (Click Here).



Read about the encounter between Jesus and the Samaritan women at the well:

John 4:3-42
The message challenged us to consider the “deserts” in our lives; areas which wear us out and make us thirsty.  Think about your own “desert” periods in your life.  How did your faith help you through those periods?  Did your faith waiver?  

But then consider Jesus’ promise to supply “Living Water” which can help us through the “deserts.” Jesus’ Living Water not only helps us survive the desert periods, but it also provides true fulfillment in life instead of fixes which last for only a short time.

Reflect on times where God has met you in the desert, and consider how you can go back to your friends and neighbors and carry the good news of God’s sustaining grace and forgiveness.

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