PUMC’ers take Mission to La Palmilla (7/15/15)

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Our mission team has safely arrived in La Palmilla Mexico!  For the next two weeks they will be working with our Mexican friends to help complete the construction of their sanctuary.  The church in La Palmilla is a United Methodist Church that’s bursting at the seams.  There’s not a lot of funding for a construction project in that village, but there is a lot of love for Christ and a lot of desire to share His Word.

One of the Mission Team members, Chris Valianti, posted the following picture of the team on his Facebook timeline:

LaPalmilla15 Arrives

The Mission Team arrives in Mexico (7/15/15)


This website post will be updated throughout the trip as more information arrives.

Received Saturday July 18…

Mexico Mission Team ready to get to work

Mexico Mission Team is digging it (7/18/15)



Received Monday July 20…

Missions team with LaPamilla church in unfinished sanctuary

Missions team with LaPamilla church in unfinished sanctuary

Received Tuesday July 21…

Jennifer sent the following pictures which were taken on Saturday July 18.  Here’s how she described the pictures…

“Saturday, July 18, was our first day of work at the construction site of the new sanctuary.

The team worked hard LaPalmilla15 07-18 trench _Jendigging a trench and relocating all the dirt that was dug out. We also washed a few of the windows that were ready after the purging was finished. It was a good first day.”

Received Friday July 24…

Chris posted the following pictures on Facebook…

Went to the waterfalls and white water rafting after working at the church for 6 hours today.

LaPalmilla15 07-24 Rafting _Chris _600w

Jeremy and friends pose in calmer waters after white water rafting

We bought some musical equipment. They were so excited. Thank you to all who helped.

Chris and friends celebrate the purchase of a new keyboard

Chris and friends celebrate the purchase of a new keyboard

Received Saturday July 25…

LaPalmilla15 07-28 Church Exterior _Chris _800w

Chris posted many more pictures about the construction on Eyefi.  They were taken on July 23.  To view these pictures, click this button: 

Building a Church!

Received Monday July 27…

LaPalmilla15  07-26 Chris Sleep2 _Chris _600wAs the missions trip wraps up, Chris added a new set of pictures to his Eyefi album.  After uploading all of those pictures, apparently he needed a nap!

The new pictures also show that the team got out on the road (away from digging trenches!) and saw some of the beauty and history of the surrounding area.

Click the button below to see the latest pictures from La Pamilla…



Earlier in the week, the team posted a video showing team leader Jennifer Andrade talking to La Palmilla church members about what the new sanctuary means to them.  To view this video, click the below button:

Video- What does this Sanctuary Mean?


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For more information on our La Palmilla ministry, Click Here.

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