Second Grade Sunday School Class Does First Class Act! (5/3/15)

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2 Grade SS class- Angels of God _IMG_5936Clothe the Naked, Feed the Hungry…

As a mission project for Lent, the First, Second, and Third Graders of our Sunday school class collected canned goods and donated them to the Angels of God.  Angels of God is ministry in Pitman providing clothing and food to the needy.

Earlier in the year we collected coins and gave a large donation to them as well.  They were so excited to see our children being generous to people in need.

Share with God’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.   Rom 12:13


Angels of God Clothing Closet…

Angels of God was founded by Katelyn Darrow, when she was only 12 years old!  She felt the burden of the needy, and set up a closet for donated clothing which could be given to needy families.  The Angels of God closet is set up like a store where clients can “shop” for clothes.  The only difference between Angels of God and a “real store” is that the price of all of the clothing is $0.00!!!

The Angels of God Closet is located on Broadway in Pitman, across from the Presbyterian church (334 S. Broadway Ave.).

Check out the following video about Angels of God…


To learn more about the Angels of God Closet, visit their Website.


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