World H_nger Can’t be Solved Without You! (5/2/15)

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The signboard message said:


2015 District Day of LearningReally?  it’s up to ME to solve a big problem like world hunger?  No- it’s not up to YOU alone, but you are needed.

It’s as if each of us has a piece of the jigsaw puzzle and the problem can’t be solved unless each of us contributes what we’ve been entrusted with.


 From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.   Luke 12:48

In this country, God has entrusted us with much.  Are we being responsible with what He has given us?  Here are some facts about hunger…

One out of Nine people in the world suffers from chronic undernourishment.   (reference)

Hunger kills more people each year than Aids, Tuberculosis, and Malaria… combined!  (reference)
In 2013, 5.6% of families in the USA had to skip meals because they didn’t have enough money.  (reference)
In 2013, the number of people  living in poverty in the USA was near its highest level in 52 years.   (reference)
In March of 2015, 230 families in Pitman depended on the Pitman Food Pantry for basic nutrition.  
Across the globe, 783 million people do not have access to clean water. That’s 1 out of 10 people.   (reference)
The world produces enough food to feed its population of 7 billion, but 1 person in 8 goes to bed hungry every night.   (reference)

The world is producing enough food to feed everyone!


What’s PUMC Doing and How Can I Help?

Our church is mission-minded and we are involved in the fight against hunger on many fronts.  Below are a few of the efforts that we’re supporting; places where can can all contribute our piece of the puzzle…


Pitman Food Pantry…

Signboard Hunger- Flamingo _IMG_2031Our church is currently answering a “Challenge” from Trinity UMC in Clayton to raise 400 lbs of food for the Pitman food pantry in 4 months. Our youth group (BLAST) has since raised the bar to ONE TON of food.

The pink flamingos along our entryway (placed there by Trinity UMC) and in front of our signboard remind us of the needs of the hungry in Pitman.

Our Father’s House (our preschool) has set up a food collection for the pantry as their mission project for the month of May.

Along with the efforts of PUMC members, OFH, and guests using our facilities, we are providing the food pantry with a much needed boost in food supplies.

Even when the challenge and the special baskets are over, the needs of the pantry will continue.  The shopping cart in the Fellowship Hall always stands by to receive donations of food.


Pray for Awareness…

Our BLAST youth group and the youth from the Hudson UMC have teamed together to take part in the “30 Hour Famine,” a time of fasting which draws attention to World Hunger.  This fast will take place during the weekend of May 15-16.


Grow a Garden!

Kids Caring- Garden _IMG_2045Each  summer, the Kid’s Caring foundation (managed by members of PUMC) grows a vegetable garden next to our parking lot.  The garden’s supply of fresh fruit and vegetables is donated to the Pitman Pantry.

  • For information about last year’s garden, Click Here.
  • For a picture of the Kids in action, Click Here.
  • For more about the Kids Caring  Foundation, Click… Here.


CROP Walk…

Crop Walk Banner 2014 _IMG_0956_600x450Each October, our church participates in the town’s annual CROP Walk.  This event raises awareness of world hunger in addition to pledges which help fight world hunger.  Learn more about last year’s Walk and plan to participate in this year’s Walk (either by donating or by walking).


The United Methodist Church…

UMCORlogoThe United Methodist Church, primarily through its Committee on Relief (UMCOR), is constantly supporting projects all over the globe which raise awareness of poverty and hunger, and provide food and water to people in need.   We share our piece of the puzzle through our Shared Giving, and help UMCOR support projects such as:


Share Your Piece of the Puzzle!

World Hunger Can’t be Solved Without Me?  Really???   Yes- Really!

Each of us has a vision on our own part of the world and each of us is given our own special gifts and abilities.  We need to share our piece of the puzzle; God entrusted it with us so that we would take part.

The ministries highlighted above only scratch the surface.

Many other churches and organizations are doing their part to fight world hunger; we don’t have a corner on the “War on Hunger” at PUMC.  But, we have a “corner on our corner.”  Whether or not it’s by plugging into efforts already underway at PUMC or by seeing the need on our own “corner” and helping how we can, we are called to jump in and to find ways in which we can share.


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