Vacation Bible School is Moooooovin’ to Nazareth! (6/22/15)

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Let’s Get Mooooovin’  to Nazareth!

This year’s Vacation Bible School is underway!  We’re on our way to Nazareth to see what it was like for Jesus growing up.

  • Dates:  Monday June 22 through Friday June 26. 
  • Time:   6:00 to 8:00 PM, opening with a time of worship.
  • Place:  At our church (older kids will move to an offsite pool).
  • Friday will feature an Ice Cream social following the closing program.

Here are a few glimpses of our first night…



The Bible doesn’t record details of Jesus’ boyhood life, but history does tell us a lot about life in Nazareth during Jesus’ time, and during VBS we’re getting a sense of what it may have been like to grow up in Nazareth.



Travel Itinerary Details…

This year’s trip to Nazareth includes kids from nursery through 6th grade.  The 5th and 6th graders are going to a pool while the younger kids are meeting at the church.  Here’s the itinerary for each evening…

6:00 PM- Opening Celebration

Everyone starts out in the sanctuary with a big kick off celebration- songs and an intro into what we are going to experience.


6:30’ish- Visit Nazareth

After the celebration time, we split up into classes and visit various places in Nazareth.  During this time of learning, the classes rotate through each station.  Here’s what we’re seeing and doing…

We’ll visit with Mary and listen to her story of what’s going on in Nazareth.

We’ll experience modern games that will take us back to Bible times–such as making wine by squishing grapes (in this case water balloons) with our feet. 

We’ll head out to the shops to make crafts and experience life in Bible times.

Here are the shops we’re visiting:

  • The olive oil shop: We’ll make oil scrubs,
  • The dye shop:  Let’s dye some fabric!
  • The carpenter shop:  What it was like to create items using wood.


7:15’ish-  Travel Debriefing

After everyone’s had a chance to visit each section, we return to the sanctuary for a lesson about how God loves us and takes away our sins.   During these age appropriate, tactile lessons we’re staying in our class groups.


7:45’ish- Closing Celebration

After everyone finishes the lesson we close out with more celebration.  We talk about what we experienced that day, and then we wrap up the evening with some more singing and God Sightings (seeing God everywhere).  The closing celebration ends at 8:00 PM.


How do I Sign Up?

To experience this trip to Nazareth you don’t need a visa or passport, but you do need to register.  And unlike traveling by air, you can join this trip mid-flight!  Just show up before 6PM and we’ll help you get started.


There are two other ways to sign up:

By Paper

Registration forms are available in the Narthex.  Fill one out and leave it in the basket.  You can also download a form (Click Here), fill it out at home, and hand it in.



You can also register using our online registration site:  VBS



Whichever way you choose, don’t miss this awesome trip. 

See you in Nazareth!

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