Pastor’s Ponderings: Love is Victorious

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The following thoughts were submitted by Pastor Jim on 1/20/15...

Greetings Friends:

PLEASE READ: 1 Thessalonians 5:11a
“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up,”


PLEASE READ: Ephesians 4:29
“Watch your talk! No bad words should be coming from your mouth. Say what is good. Your words should help others grow as Christians” (NLV)

Although snow is in the forecast for South Jersey for tomorrow [Wednesday 1/21/15], I am excited that Spring Training for Major League Baseball begins in 29 days! As a Phillies fan in particular and baseball fan in general, this is indeed is exciting. Here in this area we have been blessed with many wonderful baseball players over the years. In my lifetime we have seen Jim Bunning, Tony Taylor, Mike Schmidt, Steve Carlton, Darrin Dalton, Curt Schilling, Jimmy Rollins, Cole Hamels, Roy Halliday, Chase Utley, and countless others.

Speaking of great baseball players, arguably one of the greatest baseball players of all time was George Herman “Babe” Ruth. He enjoyed a long career featuring many highlights and he still has some records which exist today. There is a heartwarming story which carries an important spiritual lesson from one of Babe Ruth’s final games. Please allow me to recall the story.

Babe Ruth -Boston-391452__180During one of his final games as a professional baseball player, Babe Ruth was having an awful day. He had made several errors in the field, and in one inning one of those errors led to the scoring of 5 runs by the opposing team.

As that inning came to a close and Babe Ruth was walking off the field towards the dugout, a loud crescendo of boos and catcalls were directed at him from the angry crowd. Throughout his illustrious career, Babe Ruth had never experienced anything like that. Fans who had loved him for so many years had turned on him with a vengeance. Obviously, it was a painful and humiliating moment for this great athlete who had been a popular “star” for so long.

Just before Ruth reached the dugout, a young boy in the stands couldn’t take the booing any longer. The insults and name calling were hurtful and the young boy couldn’t bear seeing Babe Ruth hurt like this. Suddenly, the young boy jumped over the railing onto the playing field, and with tears running down his cheeks, he ran toward Babe Ruth. The young boy threw his arms around the legs of his hero hugging him. Babe Ruth bent down and picked the boy up into his arms and hugged him tightly. Suddenly, the loud noise from the crowd came to an abrupt stop. There was no more booing, no more catcalls, no more insults. In fact, it is reported that an incredible hush fell over the entire large ballpark.

The love of this young boy for Babe Ruth and his demonstration of that love in the face of opposition, melted the hearts of that hostile crowd.


Card writing ministry trifold in narthex 4-20-14“Love” happened right on that baseball field. As that boy demonstrated a Christ-like unconditional love the score of the game didn’t matter, and all of the errors made by a baseball player didn’t matter any longer. Love was victorious.
Friends, truth and love will always win out despite what the “crowd” may be saying. Didn’t Jesus show us that throughout His ministry and especially at the Cross? Are we willing to be different, to break away from the crowd and be Jesus Christ to those who need a word of hope, a word of encouragement, a loving hug? Like Babe Ruth on that day long ago, whom do we know that needs a hug of encouragement?


Pastor Jim


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