New Years Eve Silent Communion (12/31/16)

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Milestones such as New Year’s Eve can be helpful reminders of re-assessing your relationship with God.  How have you grown?  How has your faith been tested?  When did you fail to heed God’s call to discipleship?  How can you be a better disciple in the future?road-251987__180

Not only do we need to hold each other accountable, but we also need to hold ourselves accountable. Small groups and “Emmaus Reunion Groups” are important accountability tools.  But, we still need to come to the Father on our own and spend some time for personal reflection and prayer.

On the evening of December 31, before joining with friends to celebrate the holiday, consider spending a few moments celebrating and evaluating your relationship with God.

On December 31, between 6:00 and 8:00PM our sanctuary will be open for silent reflection, and communion will be offered.

Stay as long as you need; take part in the sacrament of holy communion if you want.  But take advantage of the milestone of New Year’s to grow closer to God.


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