Christmas Star Tree to Brighten the Day for Local Kids (12/21/19)

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One of the long held Christmas traditions in our church is the Christmas Star Tree.  A special Christmas tree is in our narthex.  The tree is decorated with stars… lots of them.  Each  star on the Star Tree represents a child in need from our town, and gift suggestions for that child have been written on the star.  Donors can remove a star with the child’s name on it and purchase a gift for that child. Wrapped gifts will be brought into the church and placed under the Star Tree.

More than just a Christmas decoration, the gifts under this tree will be a miracle for some local kids.  Christmas is a miracle; God became a man and lived among us!  That’s a major miracle!   For needy families going through a rough stretch, the provision of some Christmas gifts is a miracle of God’s love.

To be part of this miracle, note the following dates and details:

  • December 15:  Deadline for submission of gifts.  Wrap the gift and identify it by taping the star on the package.  A second star is attached to each tree star.  Use this to identify yourself so you can be reached if there’s a problem.  Place this star in the basket under the tree.
  • December 21:   Families receive gifts.


If you find yourself in a position where you could use some help this year in bringing Christmas gifts to your child(-ren) this year, the Star Tree is there for you!  PUMC would love to brighten your Christmas.

Contact the church office.


Be part of a miracle this Christmas!  God extends His miracle of love both to givers and receivers.

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