Clifford Visits the OFH Book Fair! (11/11/14)

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The Our Father’s House Preschool is currently holding their annual Book Fair in the Gathering Room (2nd floor of the Education wing).


Lots of Bedtime Material!

The fair features many Christian books that you can read during those special bedtime moments.  Here are a couple of views of the items on sale…

OFH Book Fair _20141111_103028_x600OFH Book Fair _20141111_103012 _x600









Clifford the Big Red Dog made a surprise visit to the fair and entertained the kids!


Clifford Visits the OFH Book FairA big red Fist Bump







The person inside the suit (“Clifford’s Friend”) is a bit of a mystery, but that fist bump that Clifford’s giving seems strangely similar to the one Pastor Jim gives the Pastor’s Pals each Sunday…


Check it Out!

You may have missed Clifford’s surprise visit, but you never know who else might show up!  A lot of great reading material is available (not to mention a lot of possibilities for Christmas gifts).   The days/hours of the fair are:

8:30-1:30 (during Our Father’s House)


5:30-8:00 P.M (for those who are attending the Tuesday dinner & studies.)

8:30 – 2:30 (during Our Father’s House)

8:30-1:30 (during Our Father’s House)


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For more information about our Our Father’s House preschool, Click Here.




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