PUMC Marks its 129th Anniversary! (11/10/14)

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Our church has a long history, beginning with a Sunday School class that started in November of 1877.  This class grew out of the summer Camp Meetings which were held in the Pitman Grove.

But the “official start” of the “Pitman Grove Methodist Episcopal Church” came 15 years after this initial class was formed.    Here’s an excerpt from the booklet “Our Heritage” which was written 1n 1985 in commemoration of our centennial…

On November 10, 1885, the Presiding Elder of the Bridgeton District, the Reverand William Walton, called a meeting of the society (the “Sunday School” class), and organized the PITMAN GROVE METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH with 43 members.

This was in a chapel located at the northeast corner of Laurel and Cedar Avenues.  There was no other church within two miles.

The church is people; not brick and mortar.  We can trace our history back through familiar names such as C. Austin Miles, John Downer, and Aaron Ballard.  But God grew our church through many nameless saints who taught Sunday School classes, served on committees, led youth groups, guided junior choirs, and even those who organized the many covered dish dinners we’ve enjoyed over the years.  We stand today on the shoulders of the many whom God has called and empowered for fruitful service over the course of our church’s history.

But, in many ways, the building is an important symbol of our church.  Here’s a rundown of the various locations of our church through the years…


1885-1889 On the corner of Laurel and Cedar Avenues
(initially on the NE corner and later on the NW corner).
1889-1896 On the northeast corner of East and First Avenues.
(is now the parking lot behind Venice Restaurant)
1896-2003 On the corner of Broadway and Holly Avenues.
(Many expansions.  Fire destroyed it in 2003)
2003-2007 “Tabernacling Period” after fire.  Met in Middle School, Broadway Theater, and in converted storefront on Broadway
2007- The current building on the corner of Lambs & Broadway was completed in July of 2007.












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For more information on our church’s history, Click Here.

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