Laity Sunday to be Celebrated this Sunday (10/19/14)

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In the United Methodist Church, we’re all “Ministers.”  Those ministers among us who wear robes and stoles are called Clergy.  Those ministers who wear choir robes and aprons are called Laity.  Clergy guide and nurture the church.  They provide for “Word, Order, and Sacrament.”  But laity are the backbone of ministry.  Laity take what is gained in the nurturing environment of the church and use it to make a difference in the lives of those who are outside of the church.

Once a year, usually on the third Sunday in October, we recognize the ministry of the Laity by having lay people organize and lead the worship service.  The Pastor may not exactly get the “day off”, but he/she can sit with their family in the pews.

This Sunday, October 19 2014, is Laity Sunday.  Pastor Jim can sit with Judy and the lay people will lead the service.  There may be some nervousness, some rough spots, but Laity Sunday also gives us the chance to worship with a fresh perspective.


To learn more about Laity Sunday, check out this “Chuck Knows Church” video…










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