Pray for Missionaries in Honduras

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One of the items topping our national news lately has been the flow of children from Central America to the US who are fleeing the violence and poverty in their homelands.  The politics may be controversial, but the story reminds us that we need to be in prayer for missionaries around the world who are our “boots on the ground” ministering to the poor and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

World Gospel Mission (WGM)…

Joy Phillips at PUMC on 3/30/14

Joy Phillips at PUMC on 3/30/14

Scott & Meg Rambo

Scott & Meg Rambo

Missionaries Joy Phillips and Meg & Scott Rambo have had a close
relationship with our church over the years.  Another thing they have in common is that they are both sponsored by World Gospel Missions (WGM) (located in Indiana).

Both Joy and Scott & Meg post blogs and emails updating us on their ministries.  Currently, both are in the US preparing for their returns to Africa.

For updates on Joy’s ministry:
For updates on the Rambos’ ministry:
Jim & Alice Vanderhoof

Jim & Alice Vanderhoof

Jim and Alice Vanderhoof:

Another WGM missionary couple who we support is Jim and Alice Vanderhoof.  Jim and Alice are teachers at the Kenya Highlands Bible College in Kenya.

You can learn more about the Vanderhoofs from their Page on our website.

Other WGM Missionaries in Central America…

With the surge of children coming to our southern border from Central America, it’s interesting to note that WGM sponsors several missionaries who minister to the children of Honduras (which is one of the countries where these children are coming from).

So as we pray for Joy, and Scott & Meg (who are helping the poor and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the people in Africa), the current events behoove us to also pray for those who are working in Central America.  These may be missionaries who our church doesn’t specifically support monetarily, but they are on the front lines making a difference for the children of these poor countries.

Below are links to the blogs of some of the missionaries to Honduras who are sponsored by WGM.  The faces and stories of these missionaries help put a face on the tragedy that’s happening in Central America.  Check out their biographies and pray for these missionaries and for the people they ministering to.

Ethan Batschelet   – Ministers to Children and Youth.  Organizes Kids Clubs

Mike and Sharon Garrett    – Teach Auto repair and other vocational skills

Gary and Laura Griffin    – Teach Bible and Auto Repair to kids working on farms

Justin and Ashley Guest   – Provide homes, love, and education for children living on the street.

DeeAnn Rich    – Supports Kids Clubs for at-risk kids

Steve and Kelly Solheim   – Teach in a school and work with kids in Discipleship Groups

+     +     +     +     +     +     +

There are many other missionaries like these, working in other countries, who are making a difference for the children and poor.  Whenever we hear the news reports about the border crisis, pray for these missionaries and for the kids in Central America who live in crisis every day.

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