The Building is Open! (6/5/21)

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Back in March of 2020, the pandemic was raging and we were forced to do the unthinkable:  Close our church building!  Worship was restricted to our Live Stream, committee meetings moved to Zoom, and the community groups that use our building were left out in the cold.  The social distancing kept people safe and it dampened the spread of this deadly virus.  But now, thanks to the vaccines and to our hard efforts, the pandemic is weakening and it is now safe to meet indoors.  Effective Saturday June 5, our church building is now open!


The church office issued the following announcement:

Beginning June 5, the building and grounds of Pitman United Methodist Church will be open for all groups, meetings, events, and activities.

Any group wishing to resume (or start) coming to PUMC, will need to complete a Building Use Form. The form is available below or by contacting the church office (email

PUMC is looking forward to opening its doors for use by the congregation and the community.

Welcome back!!!

How long have we waited for this announcement! 

Here is a statement from our Trustees:

Great news!  In light of the State’s changes on COVID, the Trustees have voted to allow PUMC simply to follow the State, Conference, and CDC guidelines effective immediately!  All prior policies are superseded.

Signs regarding masks may be removed. Attendance lists are not required. 

If anything changes from the State, Conference, or CDC, we will address it, accordingly.  


Welcome Back to Sunday Morning’s Congregation!

These general guidelines apply to any use of the building.   For specific details on how to participate in our Sunday Morning Worship services, visit this page:

Covid Safety for Worship


Welcome Back Groups!

A big part of our Church’s ministry is to offer the use of our church building to “outside” community groups.  During the pandemic, that ministry has been curtailed, but we now welcome our “outside groups” back with open arms! 

For the Building Use Form and for other details on the community resource of our building, click this button:

Building Use – Community Resources


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