Youth Paint Cubbies for Nursery (3/21/21)

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“Pick up those toys and put them away!!!”

As parents how many times have we said that? Or as kids, how many times have we heard that??? 

But, what if there is no place that you can call “away”?  What if the room you need to clean up is in the church?  What if that room happens to be the nursery???



As part of an Eagle Scout project, a member of our Youth Group built two cabinets which will become the “away” place for the toys in the Nursery.  Without these new cabinets, the toys had nowhere to go except to form a cluttered pile of small tripping hazards on the floor.

After the cabinets were built, our Youth Group got together with some blue paint, brushes, and rollers, and transformed the bare cabinets into beautiful blue “Cubbies” for the church nursery!  Because of the pandemic, we opted to do the painting at a member’s garage; the completed cabinets will be delivered to the church building soon. 

A need was seen, and the need was filled.


This isn’t the first time a Scout has given his services to PUMC as part of a project. In addition to earning the Eagle Scout title, these projects have resulted in the delivery of useful resources to the church (saving us money). 

One example is the shed which stands at the edge of our parking lot.  We may be able to imagine other more “glamorous” ministries which would seem to carry a more obvious benefit.   But behind the scenes, we still need to maintain our grounds and to care for the material resources which God has provided to us.  This shed provides safe storage for the church’s lawn maintenance tools.  In addition to serving as a project for the Scouts and for our Youth group, it is a resource which allows us to keep our building and grounds in shape so that we can reach out in service to the community.


The “Blue Cubbies” will not only organize the toys in the nursery, they will also stand as a memorial to the day when we could gather as Youth to share in friendship and service…



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