Daffodils Sold Out on Fighting Cancer! (3/21/21)

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A little yellow daffodil; what can that do?  It’s not a sunflower that reaches to the sky.  It’s not a Lily that trumpets out Jesus’ resurrection.  It’s a small flower.  In fact, the ones we have in our church are called “mini-daffodils.”  What can they do???

Easter is rich with traditions, especially for a church.  But one of PUMC’s traditions is to buy pots of little daffodils.  Part of the proceeds from the sale of these yellow flowers is given to the American Cancer Society.  This year, even with the “stay at home” restrictions of the pandemic, our annual fight against cancer was successful.

Mini-daffodils can help save lives!


Daffodils Join the Fight!

Along with the palms and the joyous procession, part of our Palm Sunday tradition is anchored by these little daffodils.  Each pot raises money to fight Cancer, and then the flowers are taken home to be planted.  They spring up every year and remind us to pray for those who are struggling against cancer and for the families of those who have lost loved ones.

God calls us all to “show mercy”- to walk in another’s shoes and to extend God’s hand of love to them.

This year, we bought and sold 42 pots of daffodils, and they raised over $300 for the American Cancer Society.  Despite the pandemic, we sold more pots than we purchased, and the project ended a week earlier than the deadline.


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Daffodils Ready to Inspire

This army of daffodils doesn’t remain on the church’s alter.  They get planted.  They go out into the community and beautify our gardens in homes across the whole town.  They nourish themselves in the soil, and prepare themselves for action.

Next year, as the snow gives way to Spring, these little buds will push their way up through the ground and the yellow flowers will remind us to care for the suffering. These seemingly feeble flowers that hide under the ground for most of the year show us that God uses all of his creation to accomplish His good will.  Even as He uses these “mini-daffodils,” He can use our small efforts.


What is cancer? Many of us have been hit by this disease hard and personally, so we know the answer to this question all too well.  To learn more about it, click this button:

What is Cancer?


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