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Every Sunday, a lesson for children is broadcast on our Facebook Group (of course, there’s a lot in these lessons for grownups too!).  The videos are then embedded (linked) into a post on our website. 

Because of all of those videos and links to Facebook, it takes a Loooonnnnngggg time for the page to load.  So, to reduce that problem, some of the old videos were moved from the main Online Sunday School page to other pages (like the one you’re looking at). 

To access the most recent Sunday School lesson videos, see the main “Sunday School Goes Online” post:      Sunday School Videos  


This page contains a lot of videos which are stored on Facebook and You Tube. Please be patient…. It might take a while for all of the connections to be made and for this page to load.


Sunday School Lesson Archive….


Dec. 13- Shepherds and Angels

Today’s scripture is: Luke 2:1-20

Here’s an animated video depicting this passage…

Dec. 6- Mary and Elizabeth

Today’s scripture is: Luke 1:26-56

Here’s an animated video depicting this passage…

Nov. 29- Lazarus

Today’s scripture is: John 11:1-44

Here’s an animated video from Saddleback Kids:

Nov. 22- Jesus with Mary and Martha

Today’s scripture is: Luke 10:38-42

Nov. 15- Phillip and the Ethiopian

Today’s scripture is Acts 8:26-40

Here’s an animated video depicting this passage:

Nov. 8- Woman at the Well

Today’s scripture is John 4:5-12

Nov. 1- Elijah

Today’s scripture is 1 Kings 19:1-21

Here’s the animated video:

Oct. 25- Washing Feet

Today’s scripture is John 13:1-17

Here’s a video from Saddleback Kids:

Oct. 18- Abigail

Today’s scripture is 1 Samuel 12:1-35

Here’s an animated video about this from LifeKids:

Oct. 11- Jonah

Today’s scripture is the entire book of Jonah

Here’s a YouTube video depicting the story of Jonah:

Here’s a Whale Activity to try out:…/1QdnSbPNOtuV6opSFAhM…/view…

Oct. 4- David and Goliath

Today’s lesson is from 1 Samuel 17:1-50.

Here’s the worksheet Kate mentioned:…/1pyWlVQoEoChtmCUeQsCr…/edit…

Here’s a Crossroads Kids video depicting this passage…


Sept. 27- Jesus Feeds the 5000

Today’s lesson is from Matthew 14: 13-21, John 6:1-15, and Mark 6:34-44

Animated Video from Crossroad’s Kids Club:

Sept. 20- Ruth and Naomi

The story is from Ruth 1:1-4, 1:16-18, 2:1-13, 3:10-13, and 4:14-17

Here’s a video from Crossroads kids:


Sept. 13- Daniel in the Lions Den

Today’s lesson was from Daniel 6

Here’s the Mask:

Here’s a Saddleback Kid’s video about Daniel in the Lion’s Den:

Sept 6- Samuel Anoints David

Today’s passage is from 1 Samuel 16:1-13

August 30- Jesus Calls Peter

Here’s the Saddleback Kids Video…

August 23- The Lost Sheep

Animated Video from Saddleback Kids…

The Lost Sheep Craft Page…

August 16- Esther

Here’s how VeggieTales depicts the story of Esther…

August 9- Noah

Animated Story Told by Saddleback Kids…


August 2- Wise and Foolish Builders

Here’s the video about this parable from Matthew 7:24-29 and Luke 6:46-49

July 26- The Birth of Jesus

July 19- Zacchaeus (YouTube)

Due to technical difficulties, there was no live broadcast this week. Instead, a recording of the lesson is on our You Tube channel (and shown below)…


Here’s a Saddleback Kid’s video about Zacchaeus

July 12- Aaron and Hur Help Moses

Here’s a video showing this passage (Exodus 17:8-16)

July 5- The Good Samaritan

Here’s the Kid’s Club portrayal of this passage (Luke 10:25-37)…

June 28- Elijah and the Widow

This story is from 1 Kings 17. Here’s a video about it:


As Kate mentioned, here’s an easy way to make your own bread: Bread

June 21- Official's Son

This passage is from John 4:43-54

June 14- Blind Man

Today’s passage is from John 9:1-37. Here’s a video depicting this story…

June 7- Balaam

May 31- Peter, John, and Boldness

Here’s the background video that Kate mentioned…


May 24- EbeneezerS

May 17- Paul

May 10- Deborah

May 3- Gideon

April 26- Walk on Water



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