Poinsettias Point to Families (Order by 12/14/20)

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One of our ongoing Advent traditions is to place an arrangement of poinsettias in the front of our church.  A pair of “Christmas Tree” shelf structures has been built for this purpose, and these sheets of plywood have become as much of a PUMC tradition as the Star Tree or Nativity display.  In the weeks leading up to Christmas, people purchase these 7″ pots to be used in the display.  They are frequently given in memory or in honor of a family or church family member.  When placed on the Advent Display, we are reminded of our family, both present and eternal.  During this pandemic and period of “social distancing,”  the presence of these poinsettias points us to the presence of our church family (even if we can’t see them during the Live Stream service). 

After the Christmas Eve service, these poinsettias are given to the people who purchased them.  Many of them are also donated to local nursing homes and shut-ins. 

Outside of the church, after Christmas, these poinsettias continue to point others to family- and to our Savior.


It’s Time to Order Poinsettias

Orders for Christmas 2020 poinsettias are due into the church office by Monday December 14.  To place your order, send your information to the church office.  You can do so in the following ways:

  • Mail:              Snail Mail your order and check to PUMC .
  • In Person:     During office hours, you can drop off your order at the church
    (in this time of “social distancing,” knock on the window next to the narthex entrance.  The window will open…. not the door).

For our Mailing Address and Office Hours:  Contact Us Page



In your order, make out “a reasonable facsimile” of the below order form, and send/deliver it to the office with your payment:

Number of Poinsettias:

______ Red       +      ______  White    =      _____ TOTAL ORDERED

You can purchase either red or white poinsettias.  Indicate the number of pots for each color above



In Memory / In Honor:

In Memory of: ________________________________________________


In Honor of:    _________________________________________________


Given By:        _________________________________________________

If any of the Poinsettias are given in Memory of or in Honor of someone, enter the name(s) above.   Enter your name for bulletin/announcements if desired.



Payment: Calculate the total cost below:  

____  Total Ordered  X  $13 each  = $______  Total enclosed

If you order in person, you can include cash (exact change!).  To pay by check, make the check out to “Pitman United Methodist Church” and write “poinsettias” on the memo line.


Your Name:  __________________________________________ 

Phone: ________________           Email: __________________

Please provide your contact information in case we have questions regarding your order.  




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