Trunk or Treat Opens Glimmers of Light! (10/24/20)

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The pandemic changed the way that we did this this year’s Trunk or Treat. Instead of parking and mingling with the crowd of neighbors, we stayed in our cars and drove through the lineup of decorated trunks. We couldn’t shake hands and catch up with friends, but we could roll down our windows and wave. And, this year’s Trunk or Treat was held in the afternoon; daylight illuminated the trunks instead of flashlights and black lights.


Trunk or Treat- 2020

Things were different this year, but it was still a great time with a big turnout. It’s estimated that over 400 people visited, and 282 bags of candy were handed out.

It was a break from the weight of the pandemic. Even while observing “social distancing,” we were able to touch base with our neighbors and enjoy a few moments of “normalcy.”

A route through our parking lot guided visitors past a line up of 14 decorated trunks. Entering from the Lambs Road driveway and exiting from the Broadway driveway, visitors rolled down their windows and admired the creativity and humor of the decorated trunks. Along the way, bags of candy were handed out. The candy had been donated by PUMC’ers during the previous weeks. So even if they were not there in person, everyone had the chance to reach out and participate.

To spread the word and make the afternoon even more memorable, radio station K-LOVE set up in our parking lot and handed out candy as cars drove by…. using a socially distanced “tube” for candy delivery…

Favorite Trunk Contest

We also conducted a light-hearted a contest between trunks and picked our favorite. To facilitate voting, each trunk was identified by a number, and visitors scanned in a QR code and voted for their favorite electronically.

The winning trunk was created by Kristen Russell, the “Crazy Cat Lady”…


A Mask-Querade

It was an enjoyable time, and it created memories that families can continue to share. Here’s a tour through our “Trunk Artwork”…



Light in the Darkness

Usually, Trunk or Treat is held at night. The lights in the trunks cast an eerie glow. You need to wander around the parking lot with a flashlight to see everyone or to find your way to the bouncy tent Taking pictures is difficult; you need a flash.

But this year’s was held during daylight, perhaps due to the pandemic.


This pandemic has cast a darkness over us. We can’t engage or see people like we normally do. This year’s Trunk or Treat felt like something deeper than just a fun family time; it felt like a break from the darkness. Even while safely “socially distanced” from inside our cars, we were able to glimpse a sense of “normalcy.” During this year’s daytime Trunk or Treat we could see some familiar faces and we could feel that things were ok in the world.

Normalcy, tradition, and the familiar make us feel secure. We want something to hang on to. We remember things like Trunk or Treat, or family gatherings, or quiet evenings at a restaurant, and we long to return to them. But things that we now longingly look to as “normal” are actually temporary.


In the darkness of this pandemic we do have something that’s permanent: God. Even during “normal” times, our relationship with our Creator is the only thing that transcends the temporary nature of human relationships and experiences.

Trunk or Treat was really fun and it felt great to see our neighbors and friends. But you don’t have to wait until October or to drive through a church parking lot in order to touch the security of what really holds us together. You don’t even have to hold out for the end of the pandemic in order to be secure.

One of the trunks gave some powerful advice in this time where everything is upside down. It was a familiar verse, and most of us probably let it go in one ear and out the other. But this particular trunk simply said “Jesus is the Light of the World.” Sitting in a crowded section of stands at Citizens Bank Park isn’t the “light” we need. Eating a quiet dinner (inside) at a restaurant isn’t the light we need. Strolling on a crowded boardwalk, hugging a friend, or walking through a store without a mask isn’t the light we need. Our Light is Jesus. Security comes from knowing that God’s got it under control; that He’s got a plan for us… that somehow we will emerge from this dark time stronger and closer to God than ever before.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11

When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

John 8:12


The Light of Life…

Jesus is offering us the “Light of Life.” Life. Now. Experiencing God, surrounded by love and forgiveness, infused with a desire to love and give back, This is the real “new normal” that Jesus offers. As we’ve seen during these past months, life never hangs out in “normalcy.” We don’t travel on straight roads where everything is just a series of traditions that we repeat year over year. If we were driving on a straight and flat road, we’d never use our steering wheel or brakes. We’d never feel acceleration or see changes in scenery or terrain. We’d never grow closer to God.

Far better than “normalcy” or tradition; or even a fun afternoon of Trunk or Treat, is the knowledge that Jesus sticks with us and offers us the “Light of Life.” This Light of Life is available 24×7; even during the darkness of a pandemic.


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To learn more about this year’s Trunk or Treat (and about Halloween), open this “drop down” box:

Announcement Article

“Normally,” Trunk or Treat at PUMC is a time where hundreds of people gather to look at decorated cars, collect candy, and play games. But this year, nothing’s “Normal!” During this ongoing “season of Covid-19”, we’ve found new ways to carry on proven ministries. The adage of “But we’ve always done it that way…” has been getting a fresh challenge lately!

One of the normal occurrences every Fall is Trunk or Treat. In the cool of a late October evening, we welcome the community to our parking lot and celebrate creativity and family. We enjoy the efforts of those who decorate their trunks. We dig into the candy that’s handed out, and we simply take some time to enjoy the company of our family.

Trunk or Treat…. 2020 Style

This year’s Trunk or Treat will be different, but we ARE inviting our neighbors and hosting our annual Trunk or Treat this year! Our Trunk or Treat will employ “Social Distancing” using a “drive-thru” approach. Stay in the safety of your car, cruise by our lineup of decorated trunks, collect some candy, and enjoy a special memory with your family. Wear your mask (and costume?), roll down your windows, wave and get a big bag of candy!



Here are the details on this year’s Trunk or Treat…

DATE: Saturday Oct. 24

TIME: Come by anytime between 2:00 – 4:00 PM

WHERE: PUMC Parking lot (Directions)

WHO: Anybody! All are welcome.

COST: RU Kidding??? Totally Free!


Setting Up Your Own Trunk

If you want to do more than just drive through, and if you’ve got some creative imagination nudging you with some cool ideas, consider decorating your own trunk!

To join in the fun, add your name to the Trunk sign-up list. The below button will take you to a Google Docs spreadsheet. In addition to signing up, the spreadsheet also lists important Covid safety concerns which must be followed. We are taking all measures to ensure that this evening will be a special and SAFE experience.

After reviewing the Covid Safety instructions, enter your name and your “trunk’s name” (yes, we’re going to vote on the best trunk). Once you’ve entered your info and agreed to the procedures, you’re good to go. Close your browser, open your trunk, and start creating your work of art!

Host a Trunk


What’s Halloween?

The Apostle’s Creed,which is recited by many churches (including ours), contains the line “I believe in the forgiveness of sins, the communion of Saints…” A “Saint” in the United Methodist church isn’t a title bestowed by humans. Instead, it’s anyone who has been saved by the grace of God.

In the communion of saints, we proclaim our belief that those who are in Christ and have gone before us should be honored, and God should be thanked for their salvation.

“All Saints Day” (also called “All Hallows” day) is the day where we honor saints of the past. It is traditionally celebrated on November 1. October 31, therefore, is the “Eve” before “All Hallows Day.” It is therefore called the “Eve of All Hallows”, or “Halloween.”

“Halloween” is a chance to celebrate the salvation and life that God has given us through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus. Over the years, the holiday has picked up pagan overtones of death and scary creatures “from beyond.” But at its root, it is a time to honor those who have accepted the life giving grace that’s available to all who trust in Jesus. It’s a time to thank God by giving and celebrating Christian Community.

Click this button for John Wesley’s take on this: All Saints Day


For more about our Neighbors, click this button: Neighbors



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