Youth Group Announces Fall Schedule (9/20/20)

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The Covid-19 Pandemic continues to be a difficult situation.  But our faith translates the difficulties into a series of challenges which allows us to do things in a different way.  Each challenge is a new way to experience God in a fresh way…. a new “Climate where spiritual growth can occur.”  Throughout the summer, we’ve discovered “Virtual Meetings”, “Social Distancing,” and other new ways of serving God.  As we move into the Fall, the Youth Group has introduced a schedule which includes some limited In Person meetings (in locations outside of our closed building). 

Here’s the Fall Schedule (effective 9/20/20):

On Evenly Numbered Sundays:   We’ll meet at the Liguori home from 2:00-4:00 PM.

On Odd Numbered Sundays:        We’ll meet via Zoom beginning at 2:00 PM.

The Youth Council will meet via Zoom on the last Sunday of each month (at 1:15 PM).


All youth are welcome. 
To join in on the meetings, contact our Youth Leader,  Kate Dilks-Bird (


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For more information about our Youth Group, click this button:   Youth Group    

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