Pastor’s Ponderings: The Call Always Goes Thru!

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July 8, 2020.  It’s a hot summer day during this Covid-19 pandemic.  Pastor Jim wrote the following devotional to remind us that God never leaves us.  He’s always ready to “answer the phone…”


Greetings Friends:

“One day Jesus was praying in a certain place. When he finished, one of his disciples said to him, “Lord, teach us to pray….”

Luke 11:1


Some of you may have seen the Walt Disney movie “Snow Dogs.”  As I recall the movie it tells the story of a dentist whose name is Ted Brooks, who inherits a cabin and a dogsled team in Alaska. His efforts to master dog sledding are recorded in the film as he meets bumps, bruises and bears.  

On one occasion when Brooks is learning the ropes, the dogs suddenly goes into high gear. Brooks is thrown in the deep snow. He struggles to his feet, grumbling and brushing off the snow, suddenly a large shadow covers his own, and he realizes that a large grizzly bear is only a short distance away. When the bear roars, displaying a full set of sharp teeth, Brooks begins to run.  

Just as it appears the bear is going to catch him, Brooks falls off a cliff and lands on a precipice. As he shouts victoriously, “I’m alive! I’m alive!” the precipice gives way, dropping Brooks down to a steep slope, where he rockets down the mountain like an out-of-control sled, narrowly missing many trees. Obviously he is screaming all the way down the slope, until he finally comes to a stop.  

He smiles, but his smile quickly fades when he realizes he is lying on a thin layer of ice which is covering a lake. As the ice begins to crack beneath him, he lunges forward. He lands on what appears to be a solid piece of floating ice, and begins to sink.

Now, what do you think Brooks and anyone would do in a similar situation? The beleaguered Brooks reaches for his cell phone! He dials the emergency number, only to hear the message, “You are outside your coverage area. Should you like to expand your service, please call back during business hours.”

Have you ever heard a message like that?  Have you ever had one disappointing, frustrating, even catastrophic experience after another like that?  OK, maybe you haven’t been dumped by a dogsled team, chased by a bear, slid down a mountain, landed on thin ice, dove for something that appears to be solid and secure only to find that this gets you into deeper trouble.

However I’m sure each of us can relate to times in our life when it seems that one disaster seems to follow after another.  It seems that we no sooner are over one crisis, than another one arises. Just when we think that things couldn’t possibly get any worse, they surprisingly do. Some might suggest we are going through such times right now. When these moments come at us we can feel like we are at our wits end and we begin looking everywhere and anywhere we can for answers. 

The Good News is that divine help is just a call away. And God will not tell us to call back during  “business hours,” nor do we have to “listen carefully because the prompts have changed!”  We read in Jeremiah 33:3, “Call unto me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know” (see also Isaiah 55:6). 

Jesus just finished praying when His disciples came to Him and asked Him if He would teach them how to pray (Luke 11:1).  Jesus knew that His disciples, like Brooks in the movie, would soon been thrown into turmoil. Luke 11 takes places just a short time before Jesus would be arrested, falsely accused, and tried. He would endure the beatings, the mockery, and finally the crucifixion. Jesus knew that during this time His disciples will need to be fully aware of the help that is just a prayer away.

God is waiting for us to call on His help – to call upon Him to release His power in our lives and in our churches.  He is waiting to help us when we need it the most. Someone has written, “God is ever more ready to hear than we are to pray.”

How is our prayer life?  Are we praying?  Are we taking God serious at His word or do we think we can face all of the challenges of life on our own? 


Pastor Jim

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  1. Eileen Oczkowski

    Perfect timing for this uplifting message!!! Thank you!

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