Drive By Parade Celebrates Preschool Grads! (5/11/20)

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It’s the middle of May and the school year is nearing an end.  It’s time for our Preschool (Our Father’s House) to celebrate the accomplishments of the year, especially to celebrate our Pre-K class.  Normally, we’d have a big graduation pageent in our sanctuary, the pews would be filled with parents taking pictures, and afterwards we’d go to the park for a cook-out.  Celebration!

Here are a few glimpses of  how we celebrated the class of 2019:



Class of 2020

But the Spring of 2020 is not “normal.”  In the throws of this Coronavirus pandemic, we have to “stay at home, “practice social distancing,” Stay safe… 

So we used some creative ways to finish the school year.  We made learning packets and distributed them via “drive-by curbside” pickups.   These packets weren’t simply dumped on the kids for them to work on their own;  we used social media and held lessons remotely.  We created private Facebook groups for each class and sent videos.  We tried to interact with the kids as much as we could under the circumstances.  Our teachers worked hard, our students remained engaged,  and the learning continued. 

But one thing remained; we still couldn’t gather together and celebrate our Pre-K kids the way we normally would.  Our building is closed.  Crowds as big as the Our Father’s House family are not even allowed to occupy the same room.

But this year’s class is no less deserving than previous year’s classes. It’s the end of the school year and we still want to celebrate.

So, we found a unique way to do what we could:  We formed a parade and drove to the neighborhoods of each of our 53 Pre-K families.  Each child was presented with a personalized lawn sign bearing his or her name announcing their achievement.   


Eileen Salmon, the Director of Our Father’s House describes the experience…

What a great day we had!!

OFH Director, Eileen Salmon

We started at 9:00 at the church with writing messages on our car windows and ended at 3:00 in Washington Township after we delivered the last of our 53 signs to our Pre-K graduates. I had no idea that some of you travel quite a distance to come to us!!

We are truly blessed.   We enjoyed seeing each and every one of you today.

Thanks for the many signs for us and expressions of your love. We miss all of you so very much!! Please display your graduation sign proudly in your yard. We are so very proud of you and your accomplishments.

Special shout out to TJ Ambrose who accompanied us most of the route with his lights and sirens!!

THANK YOU!! What fun!! 


Families could not come to the church for the graduation, so we brought the graduation to them!

The parents couldn’t snap pictures of their kids in the sanctuary, but they had their cameras ready when the parade came to their neighborhood.  There were sirens, horns, and a lot of smiling faces.  We maintained “social distancing,” but with waves and cheers, teachers, students,  and families were able to give each other a big hug when the parade came by.

Here are some pictures along the parade route:


+     +     +     +     +     +     +


For more information about the Our Father’s House Preschool, click this button:     OFH  


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  1. Colleen Cooke

    53 proud, happy, excited little faces…They certainly should get recognition. I’ve seen my little next-door neighbors both get drive-by birthday parades. I found them quite exciting myself! I hope and pray that soon the church and school building will reopen. Those little ones need OFH and we need them.

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