Sunday School Goes Online! (4/26/20)

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During the pandemic in the Spring of 2020, we weren’t able to meet together (things like “social distancing”, “isolation”, and “stay at home” were the terms of the day). So, we turned to live streaming, Zoom, and Facebook for our worship services and other meetings.  And, our Sunday School also “went virtual!” 

Classes were delivered via Facebook Live 1/2hour before the start of the Live Stream worship service.  Youth Leaders Kate and Lance Bird (supported by their dog Pepper) taught lessons and gave hands on demonstrations to illustrated the topics of the lesson.


Watch it Live!

The sessions begin at 9:45 every Sunday.  You have two options for watching it live (at least one of which will work…)

Watch it right here!    The Sunday School is presented via our Facebook Group.  We don’t have the capability to show Group videos on our website, but we can show our Facebook Page.  We’ll “share” the Sunday School from the Group to the Page once the video starts; when we do, the Sunday School should show up in the Facebook Page feed below (click on the drop down box to open it.   You might have to scroll down a post or two, but it’s probably right on top):  

Facebook Page (click here to open)


Watch it on the Facebook Group    Click on the below button to go to our Facebook Group (depending on Facebook’s current policy, it’s possible that you must be logged into Facebook in order to view the Group site).  The Sunday School live video should be near the top of the page.    Facebook Group  



Watch a Recording

After the Live Presentation is over, we’ll post a link to the recording below (or while the lesson is still “live” you might see it below). 
Click on the desired drop down box and click the “Play” icon to get it started. 
Tip:  Don’t play more than one video at a time! 

August 2- Wise and Foolish Builders

Here’s the video about this parable from Matthew 7:24-29 and Luke 6:46-49

July 26- The Birth of Jesus

       July 19- Due to technical difficulties, a video was not posted…

July 12- Aaron and Hur Help Moses

Here’s a video showing this passage (Exodus 17:8-16)


July 5- The Good Samaritan

Here’s the Kid’s Club portrayal of this passage (Luke 10:25-37)…

June 28- Elijah and the Widow

This story is from 1 Kings 17.  Here’s a video about it:


As Kate mentioned, here’s an easy way to make your own bread:  Bread

June 21- Official's Son

This passage is from John 4:43-54

June 14- Blind Man

Today’s passage is from John 9:1-37.  Here’s a video depicting this story… 

June 7- Balaam


Below is the video that Kate mentioned. The passage about Balaam is in Numbers chapters 22-24.


May 31- Peter, John, and Boldness

Here’s the background video that Kate mentioned…


May 24- EbeneezerS

May 17- Paul

May 10- Deborah

May 3- Gideon


April 26- Walk on Water



Watch our Worship Service

After the Sunday School class, “move into the Sanctuary” to attend our Live Stream worship service.  The broadcast starts at 10:15 AM (and you can also watch recordings of previous services). 
Click this button to go to our Live Stream Page:    Live Stream  


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To learn more about our Sunday School, click this button: Sunday School    


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