Bishop to Lead Virtual Prayer Service (3/29/20)

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Bishop Schol will lead a “virtual prayer time” on Sunday March 29 at 4:00 PM.  Here’s the announcement…

Prayer Service- Bishop Schol’s Letter…

If any among you are suffering, pray.

James 5:13

  Dear Friends in Christ,

I am calling United Methodists of Greater New Jersey, their families and friends together for a time of prayer as we face challenges and concerns with the virus, Covid-19. A virtual prayer service will be held, this Sunday, March 29 at 4:00 p.m.

Reverends Sang Won Doh and Lyssette Perez, accompanied by Director of Worship, Lan Wilson, will join me for a 20 minute prayer service in which we will engage people in their homes to pray for our families, communities, medical workers, service people and those who are ill or who have lost loved ones. There is power in prayer and I hope to be joined by thousands in this time of prayer. You can help amplify our prayers by sharing this email with people in your congregation, family members and neighbors and inviting them to join us. Praying together as one will unite us in a common effort to stamp out the coronavirus. 

God will see us through this time and prayer is key to our healing and movement forward. I look forward to your participating in the prayer service.

You can participate in the following ways:

  Keep the faith!


Bishop John Schol,  United Methodists of Greater  New Jersey 



Online Service

For those churches who are not live streaming their own Live Stream services, the Conference has been producing “virtual services” led by Bishop Schol and music leader Lan Wilson.  Here’s a recording of the 3/23/20 service.

To watch the PUMC Live Stream service, click here:     PUMC Live Stream



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