Easter Still Flowers Despite Coronavirus!

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Two of the many PUMC traditions during the Easter season involve flowers:  Daffodils and Lilies.  The pots of mini-daffodils are sold during lent to raise money for the American Cancer Society.  And Easter Lilies are sold to beautify our sanctuary (and our own homes or to brighten up the homes of shut-ins) after the Easter service.

Despite the Coronavirus, these traditions continue!



Usually, we can order Daffodils or Lilies simply by filling out one of the order forms that are inserted in the Sunday bulletins. Write out a check and drop it in the offering plate along with the completed form. 

But this year- things are gonna be a bit different!  In person services are cancelled and there are no bulletins. 

However, the order forms are available right here!  Click on one of the below buttons to open the order form.  You can then fill it out and mail it to the church office (along with your check).  Or, you can check the “Coronavirus Updates page” on this website for office hours and drop it off in person.  



Order Due:  March 22

Pickup:         March 29

Order form:   Daffodils  





Order Due:  April 7

Pickup:         Easter Sunday, April 12

Order FormLilies  



Pick Up

Once your order is placed, you can wait until the designated Sunday to pick up your flower after church! 

Oops… that’s probably a bit different this year too.  At this point, we don’t know if the church will be open for “in person services” for either of those dates.  But, somehow- we’ll get your flowers to you!  Stay tuned to this post or to the “Coronavirus Updates page” for announcements on how and when this will be done if either of these services is cancelled.

Daffodil Distribution

It’s been announced that there will be a curbside distribution of the Daffodils on Sunday March 29 between 11:30 to Noon. 


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