Dr. Jisun Kwak Becomes Delaware Bay District Superintendent (7/1/14)

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Rev. Dr. Jisun Kwak

Rev. Dr. Jisun Kwak

Lost in the excitement of the arrival of our new Pastor, our district of the Greater New Jersey Annual Conference is also getting a new District Superintendent.  Rev. Dr. Jisun Kwak, who has been serving as the D.S. of the Gateway North District has moved south to Woodstown (district office) to guide our district.  As of July 1,  Rev. Kwak is our District Superintendent.


Rev. Nichols and Rev. Kwak during this year's annual conference

Rev. Nichols and Rev. Kwak during this year’s annual conference


Rev. Richard Nichols, who has served as our District Superintendent for the last 6 years is returning to the local church level to serve as the pastor of the First United Methodist Church in Moorestown.  A service of farewell / celebration was recently held at the Trinity UMC in Mullica Hill.  Click Here to read Rev. Nichols’ letter regarding the announcement and farewell.


PUMC is a one of the local churches that make up of the Greater New Jersey Annual Conference.  The conference is broken down into 9 districts, and we are part of the Delaware Bay district.  Bishop John Schol is the presiding bishop of our conference and Rev. Jinsun Kwak is (now) the District Superintendent of our district. Check out this Map from the GNJAC website to learn more.

We thank Rev. Nichols for his leadership in our Delaware Bay District, and we look forward to serving with Dr. Kwak as she begins her leadership as our District Superintendent.


Rev. Kwak recently sent out a letter of introduction. 

Here’s part of it…

Delaware Bay District
The Rev. Jisun Kwak

District Superintendent

Tel:  856-624-4468 – Fax: 856-624-4463- Email: delawarebay@gnjumc.org

Dear Friends,

In Korean, we greet each other by saying, “안녕하세요?” (Ahn-nyung-ha-se-yo?) This means to ask how you are doing and wishing you to be well. So I will begin my first letter to you by saying Ahn-nyung-ha-se-yo?!

I am very excited to begin this journey with you as a district superintendent in the Greater New Jersey Conference and a partner in ministry at the Delaware Bay District.  I am coming from the most traffic loaded urban district to the most beautiful rural district. I have seen peach trees, grape vines, and all different fruits and vegetables while I was driving around. Growing lives are everywhere here in the Delaware Bay. Vitality indeed is present in this district. I have been hearing many people saying to me that I would find totally different culture here.

 I was migrated from the Eastern culture of Korea to the Western culture of the U.S. in my early twenties and enjoyed all the challenges and learnings. I am looking forward to be introduced to new culture and get to know each one of you. I am also hoping to bring my own culture to you and add diversity to this district.  I am looking forward to learning your church’s story and growing vital congregations in partnership with you.  Rev. Richard Nichols worked hard in this district to increase the vitality of our congregations; and I believe we will continue to do that…

Once again, I am excited to begin this new journey with you and with the congregations of the Delaware Bay District. I ask for your prayers during this time of transition – and I promise my prayers for you and your congregations.

May God richly bless you and your family!

Jisun, your DS

Rev. Dr. Jisun Kwak

District Superintendent, GNJAC

Assigned to the Delaware Bay District






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