PUMC Plans for 2020 Easter Season! (Feb-April 2020)

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Obviously, the current Coronavirus crisis has affected every activity at PUMC (as well as all of our lives…).

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As in any church, Christmas and Easter are especially busy times.  These seasons are high points in the year for families getting together,  for traditions, and… for worship!  Without Christmas we could have no Easter.  And without Easter, who would care about Christmas??? 

So what are some of the things happening at PUMC this season?  Read on! 


Major Lenten Events

These are the “major” events that will happen between Ash Wednesday until Easter Sunday… 
(If an event appears as a hyperlink, click on it to open a post that will give further details.)



Wed. 2/26 7:00 PM  Ash Wednesday Service



Fri. 3/6  1:00 PM   World Day of Prayer
Sat. 3/21 9, 12, & 3  Pack meals for Rise Against Hunger
Sun. 3/29     10:15 AM  Single service, Cantata



Because of the pandemic, plans have changed “slightly”(and they continue to change). The services desginated as “Live Stream” will be closed to the public, but shown on our live stream page…  refer to the Coronavirus Updates post for the latest details…

Sun. 4/5 9:30 & 11:00 AM  Palm Sunday services    
Thurs. 4/9 7:00  PM   Holy Thursday Service              
Fri. 4/10 7:00 PM    Good Friday service                   
Sat. 4/11 11:00 AM  Easter Egg Hunt       CANCELED
Sun. 4/12 9:30 & 11:00 AM Easter Sunday services 

If you can’t attend one of our services in person watch it on our Live Stream.  You can also watch a recording at any time after the service.
Live Stream


Other Opportunities

The Mary Circle (which is part of our United Methodist Women’s Fellowship) is conducting two sales to support our church and its missions:

Soup Sale Starting on February 23, we’ll take orders for some “body warming, lip-smacking” home made soup. Orders will be taken in the Narthex until March 15, and the soup will be distributed on Sunday March 22.

Easter Candy Sale: Also beginning on February 23 (and continuing until March 15), the Mary Circle will accept orders for Easter Candy. Along with the soup, the candy will be available on March 22.


The following aren’t organized by the Mary Circle, but they are traditional parts of our Easter tradition at PUMC:

Daffodil Sunday After the special 10:15 service on March 29, pots of mini-daffodils will be distributed to those who placed orders. This annual sale supports the American Cancer Society.

Easter Lilies Much like the Poinsettias that adorn our altar during Advent, Easter Lilies will further enliven our Easter Celebration on Easter Sunday. Order forms will be in the bulletin, and you may take your Lily after the service.




Get Ready!

Much like Advent, this season (Lent) is a time of preparation.  Will Resurrection Sunday just come and go like any other day, or will this year be a highlight on your life’s journey of grace?  To make the most of this opportunity, we need to prepare for the journey.  Worship, Bible Study, and prayer are your main tools. 

But one tool specifically created for this 2020 season of Lent is the devotional booklet which has been assembled by several local churches.  People (mostly lay people) from many churches have contributed their thoughts about the season, and they’ve been compiled into a booklet of daily devotions. 

These booklets are available (for free) in participating churches, but they are also available on this website!  You can click the big button that’s on the top of the “Daily Devotionals” page (under the “NEWS” menu), or you can just click the thumbnail below.  A link will also be provided in the right hand sidebar.

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Here’s a taste of Easters at PUMC…



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