2014 Vacation Bible School Escapes the Wilderness! (6/27/14)

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God Provides!  The theme of  year's Vacation Bible School was “Wilderness Escape:  Where God Guides and Provides.”   Classes were held for kids from Nursery through 5th grade  They learned all about Moses through games, several interactive activities, cool crafts, and songs.

Over 100 kids attended and enjoyed this week of learning, fun, and fellowship.  The evenings opened with dinner, moved into the sanctuary for a time of praise and worship and "God Sightings," and then the kids joined their "tribes" for the rest of the evening.


On Friday we closed with a special "Make Your Own Sundae" ice cream social.  Here are a few pictures to give you a taste (sorry...) of the opening dinner time...

  • The view from above
  • Ready to eat
  • Just try a little of everything...
  • Can daddy have some?
  • Try it you'll like it.
  • Men!

Praise, Worship, and God Sightings...

After the dinner, we entered a time of praise and worship.  During this time, the kids reported the times where they had seen God during the week.  Paper sandals were stuck along the walls listing all of the various "God Sightings."

VBS14 Godsightings Songs _0500 VBS14 Godsightings wall _0478






Take a look at some of our pictures of this worship time...

  • Our sanctuary oasis.
  • Stef leads the flock.
  • Director Stef Kier
  • Music team
  • Marching in the Lord's Army
  • View from above

Tribe Time...

Moses (aka Bret Walker)

Moses (aka Bret Walker)

After the group time in the sanctuary, the kids split off into their "Tribes" and began the journey to meet with Moses and visit the "shops".

These  “shops” showed them how the Israelites lived during their time journeying through the wilderness to the promised land.  The kids learned how God provided for the Israelites and how God led them through the wilderness to the Promised Land.



Here are some pictures of the journey around the "Wilderness"...

  • Directions to the shoppes
  • Moses and Arron
  • The Ten Commandments
  • Moses teaches in the tent
  • The kids are "lined up" for something...
  • Why's that guy wearing the funny robe?
  • Mrs. Fox leads some arts & crafts
  • Cookies with unleavened bread?
  • Fun in the Fellowship Hall
  • The 5th graders learn to walk on water?

Operation Kid to Kid...

One of the other goals of our Vacation Bible School was to teach the kids the wonder of sharing our resources with those in need.  Traveling through the wilderness with Moses, the idea of WATER became a recurring theme.

VBS14 OperationOasis IMG_0496During the week, the kids put coins into balloons.  The money was donated to a project called "Kid-to-Kid" which supports a mission supplying clean water to the poor kids of India. 

During the week, the kids donated about $100, and the cup full of "water balloons" was on display during the final worship time.

For more information about this project, Click Here.



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