Mitten Tree Lights up a Cold Night! (1/1/20)

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Imagine.  It’s just after Christmas.  There’s a glow in the fireplace.  The Philadelphia Eagles won their division and are in the National Football League playoffs.  Some of the fruit cake is still left.  What should you do with yourself on a cold winter’s day?

If you’re handy with needles and yarn, maybe you could knit a scarf or a hat!  Or maybe a pair of mittens.  Or, if Uncle Bob gave you a Dallas Cowboys hat that you’d never wear, you might want to donate it to someone who could really need it.

That’s where our church’s “Mitten Tree” comes in.  If you have a new hat, mittens, or other knitted item that you’d like to donate, stop by the Mitten Tree in the back of the sanctuary to leave a little “decoration.”  The items will be donated to the Camden Neighborhood Center and will help keep someone warm this winter, even while your polish off that leftover fruitcake!  The delivery will take place in early January.


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