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Our Current Poll…

Consider the following question and give us your opinion.  There are no correct answers; this is all for fun!  Once you vote, you’ll be able to view the ongoing results.  Check back frequently to see where your choice ranks. 

This poll is gonna force you to make a tough choice: If you could only attend one of these two services, which would you choose?


Final Results of recent polls…


Spiritual Goals for 2020?  (1/2/20 – 1/17/20)

  1. Pray more often
  2. Read the Bible more regularly
  3. Be more open in sharing my faith with others


When do you take down your Christmas tree? (12/27/19 – 1/2/20)

  1. Middle of January
  2. January 5 (Epiphany Sunday)
  3. January 6 (the 12th Day of Christmas)


Favorite Christmas Carol?  (12/16/19 – 12/27/19)

  1. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
  2. Silent Night
  3. Joy to the World


Favorite part of Christmas?  (11/23/19 – 12/16/19)

  1. Christmas Eve Service
  2. Christmas Cantata
  3. Christmas Morning (with family under the tree)



OK… “Daily” might be a bit of an overstatement.

This poll will be revised “occasionally.”   Please check back to monitor the progress (and to vote when a new poll has been created).

Note that we also feature a companion “Daily Quiz!”  Just for fun- how’s your knowledge about the church or about the Bible?  This Quiz will also be updated “occasionally.”  Click the below button to try out the Daily Quiz (you can also access it from the home page):

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