Vision Survey: How’s PUMC Doing?

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If you’re reading at this article, then you’ve seen our church’s website and likely you have some kind of contact with Pitman United Methodist Church.  How was that contact?  Did it somehow bring you peace, joy, or hope?  Did it somehow bring you closer to Christ?

In order for our church to move forward in concert, we need to be on the same page and to gather around a common vision.  What is our vision? Why is this church here?  What can we do in order to advance that vision and purpose?

Please help our our Visioning Team by responding to the below survey.  The survey is open to anyone; you don’t have to be an active member of the church or a regular attender.  If you’ve had any contact with PUMC, we’d like your opinion.  The survey is anonymous.  The results will be sent to our Visioning Team who will compile the results into their report.


Online vs Paper…

The online survey is the same at the paper version that’s in the Narthex.  Please complete either the online version or the paper version (but not both…).

There is currently no deadline.  Our visioning team is broadening the net and seeking input from as many people as possible.   

To view or print the paper version of this survey, click this button:   2020 Visioning Survey  

Note:  The page numbers on this file do not equate to the page numbers in the online survey…


Online Survey…

A few details before starting the survey:

  • It will take about 10-20 minutes.

  • Unfortunately, you can’t save your answers, take a break, and come back later.  You have to complete the whole survey in one session.

  • After completing each page of the survey (by clicking the “Next” button), you’ll be left at the BOTTOM of the next page and you’ll have to scroll up to the top to answer that page’s questions.

  • At the end of each page there’s a text block where you can leave any comments about the questions on that page.



Please take the survey by clicking this link:      VISION


If you run into any technical difficulties that prevent you from submitting your survey, please scroll down to the “Leave a Comment” field and let us know about the problem.

We value your input and we’ll work to straighten out any technical glitches.  Thanks again for your patience.

– Chuck


Thank You!!!


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